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Table Completion - Practice 6

University International Office

Questions 1-5

Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Type of help






Teacher’s teaching habits


Providing mental counseling


Parties on holidays or 5

Special clubs



1. part-time jobs

2. Academic

3. Using the library

4. Psychological

5. at the weekends


Presenter: Good morning, everyone. I’d like Dr. Smith to introduce to us the University International Office.

Dr. Smith: Good morning. Welcome to this introduction session about the University International Office. The office was set up in 1990 when increasingly more international students came to our university, and it aims to provide new overseas students with a service that they can use whether during the application process, at pre-departure and arrival, or during their time at the university. Now let me give you some examples to illustrate the type of help we can provide. First of all, we can offer information on financial matters; for instance, if you feel that you could not have enough grants to cover your college expenses, we are able to provide you some part-time jobs (Q1). Every year, lots of international students come here for part-time job information. Secondly, we can help you with your academic (Q2) issues. As an international student, you may feel some kind of difference between your home school and this university. For instance, you may wish to know how to use the library (Q3), or you may Want to know more about the teachers’ teaching habits here. In a word, you may come across all kinds of questions. Then we would provide you with counseling information for you to adapt to the new academic environment. Another example I’ll give is concerning the psychological (Q4) issues. Some international students may feel culture shock at the early stage of their arrival. They may feel lonely and homesick, or frustrated — all kinds of mental problems may arise. So we have a professional psychologist to provide counseling. The last area we can help with is What we generally call the social area. Yes, you can have a lot of social life here: parties at the weekends (Q5) or on holidays, special clubs to meet with your interests, etc.

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