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Table Completion - Practice 7

City Walking Tours

Questions 1-4

Complete the following table of information about walks. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND / OR A NUMBER for each answer.




City Sights tour



Castle tour



Ghost Walk


8pm – 10pm

Robert Jones Walk


2pm – 5pm

* Discounts available for groups of five to ten peeple

* walks take place every day except 3

* Visit our website: 4



1. 1pm – 6pm

2. 9am – midday

3. Monday(s)

4. www.walknewtown.com


Customer: Good morning. I’ve heard that you offer walking tours of the city.

Tour Guide: Yes, we do. We have four walks. Did you have any particular one in mind?

Customer: Not really. Actually, I don’t know anything about your tours. Could you …?

Tour Guide: Of course. Here’s our leaflet. Let me take you through it. Our main walk is a comprehensive one of the city centre, lasting a whole afternoon. It is quite long, but takes you to all the main sights and a few lesser-known ones. As you can see, we take in the castle, the cathedral, the historic houses along the riverside, and the city gate. Halfway through, we stop at the oldest pub in the city — the Cat and Dog — for refreshments.

Customer: That looks very interesting. I see you have a walk that just takes in the castle.

Tour Guide: Yes, it spends more time examining the castle and its history. The first tour I mentioned visits the castle briefly, but this one includes visits to all the exhibits there and a longer walk along the castle wall. _

Customer: I heard something about Ah, yes – there it is. The Ghost Walk in the evening. ‘

Tour Guide: Ah, yes. This is a very popular tour. You’ll need to book ahead for this one. The tour starts here at 8 pm. every evening except Mondays and finishes here at about well, about two hours later.

Customer: Which places are visited on the walk?

Tour Guide: Well, again, we take people to the castle and to the cathedral, but we don’t go inside. At the cathedral, we see a few tombs and tell people some pretty grisly stories.

Customer: Is the walk suitable for children?

Tour Guide: Not really. Actually, all four of our walks are really for adults or at least older children.

Customer: And the fourth walk is

Tour Guide: Well, it follows the life and times of Robert Jones, the famous Victorian writer, who was born here and lived here most of his life. We take people to see where he was born, educated, and lived. This tour is popular with people interested in Victorian architecture as much as with people interested in literature.

Customer: I see. Now, prices they’re not listed here in the brochure.

Tour Guide: Prices depend on the season and the number of people you make a booking for.

Customer: We’d be interested in taking a tour sometime next week – midweek — and we are a small group of 6 people.

Tour Guide: OK. There’s a small discount for groups of 5 to 10 people. The full price for the City Sights tour is £10 per person. The Castle tour is £7. The Ghost Walk is also £7 and the Robert Jones Walk is £8. The discount is 5% of the total fee.

Customer: Thank you. And what time do the tours start? You said the Ghost Walk starts at 8 p.m.?

Tour Guide: Yes, the City Sights one starts at 1 pm. and finishes at 6 pm. (Q1). The Castle tour starts at 9 am. and finishes at midday (Q2). The Robert Jones walk starts at 2 pm. and finishes at 5 pm.

Customer: The Ghost Walk is not on Mondays. How about the other walks?

Tour Guide: The same. Our office is open on Mondays for booking walks, but there are no tours that day (Q3).

Customer: I see. Thank you very much. I see you have a website.

Tour Guide: Yes – www.walknewtown.com (Q4) — “walknewtown” is written as one word. It has up-to-date information and you can also see the exact routes we take and the timings.

Customer: Sorry?

Tour Guide: The timings – how long we spend at each location.

Customer: Oh, I see. Thank you.

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