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Table Completion - Practice 5

Department of Psychology

Questions 1-5

Complete the table below Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Type of Course

Name and Duration

Entry Requirements


Certificate in Psychology 6 months


Undergraduate Diploma

Diploma in Psychology 1


First Degree

3 3 years

Undergraduate admission to university

Master’s Degree

Master of Psychology 18 months


Graduate Diploma

5 12 months

Appropriate honors degree



1. 1 year/one year

2. None

3. Bachelor of Arts

4. Degree in psychology/ Psychology degree

5. Clinical psychology diploma


Lecturer: Good morning, and welcome to the Department of Psychology’s information day for new and intending students. I’m the Head of the Department and today we plan to give you a clear idea of the main courses we offer, their entry requirements, duration, and the types of jobs you might obtain after gaining these qualifications. During the course of the day, I hope you will take the opportunity to talk to staff and attend information sessions for particular courses that may interest you. Some of these courses are open to school leavers, but some have particular entry requirements, so it is important to note these.

Firstly, the Certificate in Psychology is offered as a six-month course for those wanting a general introduction to the subject for personal or work-related purposes. There are no specific entry requirements.

At undergraduate diploma level, we provide a one-year Diploma in Psychology course (Q1) designed for those already in employment whose work and previous training is not in psychology. There are no particular entry requirements (Q2), and students in this course usually take it to help them progress in their careers. For a major in psychology, we offer a three-year degree course called a Bachelor of Arts (Q3), after which, students can go on to take other courses if they want to specialise in psychology. The only requirement for this course is the usual undergraduate admission to university.

Now for the more specialised courses in psychology, we offer a master’s degree to be taken over 18 months. This can be by research or coursework, but entry to this programme is only through first gaining a degree in psychology. That means you must have a degree majoring in psychology (Q4).

And lastly, for those wanting clinical qualifications at post-graduate level, we offer a Diploma in Clinical Psychology over a 12-month period, usually called Clinical Psychology Diploma, for short (Q5). The minimum entry requirement for this programme is an appropriate honours degree.

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