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IELTS Vocabulary Builder - 5000 Words

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Abase (v) :- to bring down in position, assessment, or something like that; debase.

Abbess (n) :- the woman unrivaled of a religious shelter.

Abbey (n) :- the gathering of structures which altogether structure the abode of a general public of priests or nuns.

Abbot (n) :- the unrivaled of a network of priests.

Abdicate (v) :- to surrender (regal force or something like that).

Abdomen (n) :- in warm blooded animals, the instinctive cavity between the stomach and the pelvic region; the gut.

Abdominal (n) :- of, relating to, or arranged on the mid-region.

Abduction (n) :- a diverting of an individual without wanting to, or illicitly.

Abed (adv) :- in bed; on a bed.

Aberration (n) :- deviation from a right, standard, or recommended course.

Abet (v) :- to help, advance, or support the commission of (an offense).

Abeyance (n) :- a condition of suspension or impermanent inaction.

Abhorrence (n) :- the demonstration of despising very.

Abhorrent (adj) :- exceptionally disgusting; scornful.

Abidance (n) :- a withstanding.

Abject (adj) :- sunk to a low condition.

Abjure (v) :- to retract, deny, disavow after swearing to tell the truth.

Able-bodied (adj) :- skilled for physical assistance.

Ablution (n) :- a washing or purging, particularly of the body.

Abnegate (v) :- to repudiate (a privilege or benefit).

Abnormal (adj) :- not adjusted to the customary principle or standard.

Abominable (adj) :- exceptionally derisive.

Abominate (v) :- to abhor viciously.

Abomination (n) :- an entirely vile act or practice.

Aboriginal (adj) :- crude; unsophisticated.

Aborigines (n) :- the first of soonest known occupants of a nation.

Aboveboard (adv) (adj) :- without covering, misrepresentation, or dishonesty.

Abrade (v) :- to erode the surface or some piece of by erosion.

Abrasion (n) :- that which is focused on.

Abridge (v) :- to make shorter in words, keeping the basic highlights, inclining out minor particles.

Abridgment (n) :- a consolidated structure starting at a book or play.

Abrogate (v) :- to cancel, repeal.

Abrupt (adj) :- starting, finishing, or changing abruptly or with a break.

Abscess (n) :- a collection of discharge in a cavity framed inside some tissue of the body.

Abscission (n) :- the demonstration of cutting off, as in a careful activity.

Abscond (v) :- to withdraw out of nowhere and furtively, concerning the reason for getting away from capture.

Absence (n) :- the reality of not being available or accessible.

Absent-minded (adj) :- lack in regard for sure fire environmental factors or business.

Absolution (n) :- pardoning, or disregarding of offenses.

Absolve (v) :- to liberated from wrongdoing or its punishments.

Absorb (v) :- to drink in or kiss up, as a wipe assimilates water.

Absorption (n) :- the demonstration or cycle of engrossing.

Abstain (v) :- to hold oneself back (from doing or utilizing something).

Abstemious (adj) :- described without anyone else forswearing or forbearance, as in the utilization of drink, food.

Abstinence (n) :- abstinence.

Abstruse (adj) :- managing matters hard to be perceived.

Absurd (adj) :- conflicting with reason or sound judgment.

Abundant (adj) :- copious.

Abusive (adj) :- utilizing unforgiving words or abuse.

Abut (v) :- to contact toward the end or limit line.

Abyss (n) :- unlimited bay.

Academic (adj) :- of or relating to a foundation, school, or college.

Academician (n) :- an individual from an institute of writing, workmanship, or science.

Academy (n) :- any foundation where the higher parts of learning are educated.

Accede (v) :- to concur.

Accelerate (v) :- to move quicker.

Accept (v) :- to take when advertised.

Access (n) :- a method of approach or passageway; entry.

Accessible (adj) :- agreeable.

Accession (n) :- acceptance or height, as to pride, office, or government.

Accessory (n) :- someone or something that guides the central specialist.

Acclaim (v) :- to absolute with a yell.

Accommodate (v) :- to outfit something as a thoughtfulness or favor.

Accompaniment (n) :- a subordinate part or parts, improving or supporting the main part.

Accompanist (n) :- one who or that which goes with.

Accompany (v) :- to go with, or be related with, as a friend.

Accomplice (n) :- a partner in wrong-doing.

Accomplish (v) :- to bring to pass.

Accordion (n) :- a compact free-reed instrument.

Accost (v) :- to address.

Account (n) :- a record or proclamation of receipts and consumptions, or of business exchanges.

Accouter (v) :- to dress.

Accredit (v) :- to give credit or power to.

Accumulate (v) :- to get more prominent in amount or number.

Accuracy (n) :- precision.

Accurate (adj) :- adjusting precisely to truth or to a norm.

Accursed (adj) :- destined to wickedness, wretchedness, or adversity.

Accusation (n) :- a charge of wrongdoing, offense, or blunder.

Accusatory (adj) :- of, relating to, or including an allegation.

Accuse (v) :- to accuse of wrong doing, unfortunate behavior, or blunder.

Accustom (v) :- to make natural by use.

Acerbity (n) :- acridity, with harshness and astringency.

Acetate (n) :- a salt of acidic corrosive.

Acetic (adj) :- of, relating to, or of the idea of vinegar.

Ache (v) :- to be in agony or misery.

Achillean (adj) :- safe.

Achromatic (adj) :- vapid,

Acid (n) :- a harsh substance.

Acidify (v) :- to change into corrosive.

Acknowledge (v) :- to perceive; to concede the validity or legitimacy of.

Acknowledgment (n) :- acknowledgment.

Acme (n) :- the most elevated point, or culmination.

Acoustic (adj) :- relating to the demonstration or feeling of hearing.

Acquaint (v) :- to make recognizable or acquainted.

Acquiesce (v) :- to consent; submit.

Acquiescence (n) :- latent assent.

Acquire (v) :- to get as one’s own.

Acquisition (n) :- anything picked up, or made one’s own, ordinarily by exertion or work.

Acquit (v) :- to free or clear, as from allegation.

Acquittal (n) :- a release from allegation by legal activity.

Acquaintance (n) :- delivery or release from obligation, commitment, or duty.

Acreage (n) :- amount or degree of land, particularly of developed land.

Acrid (adj) :- cruelly sharp or unpleasant.

Acrimonious (adj) :- brimming with sharpness.

Acrimony (n) :- sharpness or harshness of discourse or temper.

Actionable (adj) :- bearing reason for founding an activity, as trespass, libelous words.

Actuality (n) :- any reality.

Actuary (n) :- an official, starting at an insurance agency, who computes and expresses the dangers and charges.

Actuate (v) :- to move or prompt to activity.

Acumen (n) :- snappiness of scholarly understanding, or wisdom; astuteness of segregation.

Acute (adj) :- having fine and entering wisdom.

Adamant (n) :- any substance of surpassing hardness or solidness.

Addendum (n) :- something included, or to be included.

Addle (v) :- to make wasteful or useless; obfuscate.

Adduce (v) :- to present or name for thought.

Adhere (v) :- to stick quick or together.

Adherence (n) :- connection.

Adherent (adj) :- sticking or staying quick.

Adhesion (n) :- the condition appended or joined.

Adieu inter. Great by; goodbye.

Adjacency (n) :- the condition of being adjoining.

Adjacent (n) :- that which is close or flanking upon.

Adjudge (v) :- to grant or offer by formal choice.

Adjunct (n) :- something joined to or associated with something else, yet holding a subordinate spot.

Adjuration (n) :- a fervent allure.

Adjutant (adj) :- assistant.

Administrator (n) :- one who oversees undertakings of any sort.

Admissible (adj) :- having the privilege or benefit of section.

Admittance (n) :- passageway, or the privilege or authorization to enter.

Admonish (v) :- to caution of a flaw.

Admonition (n) :- delicate censure.

Ado (n) :- superfluous action or function.

Adoration (n) :- significant commitment.

Adroit (adj) :- having ability in the utilization of the real or mental forces.

Adulterant (n) :- a contaminating substance.

Adulterate (v) :- to make unclean by the admixture of other or baser fixings.

Adumbrate (v) :- to speak to already in plot or by token.

Advent (n) :- the coming or appearance, starting at any significant change, occasion, state, or personage.

Adverse (adj) :- contradicting or restricted.

Adversity (n) :- adversity.

Advert (v) :- to allude unexpectedly.

Advertiser (n) :- one who publicizes, particularly in papers.

Advisory (adj) :- not compulsory.

Advocacy (n) :- the demonstration of arguing a reason.

Advocate (n) :- one who argues the reason for another, as in a lawful or clerical court.

Aerial (adj) :- of, relating to, or like the air.

Aeronaut (n) :- one who explores the air, a balloonist.

Aeronautics (n) :- the workmanship or practice of flying airplane

Aerostat (n) :- an inflatable or different mechanical assembly skimming in or supported by the air.

Aerostatics (n) :- the part of pneumatics that treats of the balance, pressure, and mechanical properties.

Affable (adj) :- simple to approach.

Affect (v) :- to follow up on

Affectation (n) :- an examined or flashy affectation or endeavor.

Affiliate (n) :- some helper individual or thing.

Affirmative (adj) :- noting yes; to an inquiry at issue.

Affix (v) :- to secure.

Affluence (n) :- a lavish or plentiful gracefully of wealth.

Affront (n) :- an open affront or insult.

Afire (adv) :- (adj) :- ablaze, in a real sense or allegorically.

Afoot (adv) :- in progress.

Aforesaid (adj) :- said in a first part or previously.

Afresh (adv) :- again, after rest or stretch.

Afterthought (n) :- an idea that comes later than its proper or anticipated time.

Agglomerate (v) :- to heap or stack together.

Aggrandize (v) :- to cause to show up extraordinarily.

Aggravate (v) :- to make heavier, more awful, or more difficult.

Aggravation (n) :- the reality of being made heavier or more terrible, as a wrongdoing, offense, hardship, and so on

Aggregate (n) :- the whole number, aggregate, mass, or amount of something.

Aggress (v) :- to make the principal assault.

Aggression (n) :- an unmerited assault.

Aggrieve (v) :- to give misery or distress to.

Aghast (adj) :- hit with fear and wonder.

Agile (adj) :- ready to move or act rapidly, genuinely, or intellectually.

Agitate (v) :- to move or energize (the emotions or musings).

Agrarian (adj) :- relating to land, particularly rural land.

Aide officer (n) :- an official who gets and sends the sets of the general.

Ailment (n) :- slight infection.

Airy (adj) :- fragile, ethereal.

Akin (adj) :- of comparable nature or characteristics.

Alabaster (n) :- a white or carefully colored fine-grained gypsum.

Alacrity (n) :- merry readiness.

Albeit (conj) :- Despite the fact that.

Albino (n) :- an individual who lost pigments or white hair or skinned.

Album (n) :- a book whose leaves are so made to shape paper outlines for holding photos or something like that.

Alchemy (n) :- science of the medieval times, described by the quest for changing base metals to gold.

Alcohol (n) :- an unstable, inflammable, dry fluid of an infiltrating smell and consuming taste.

Alcoholism (n) :- a condition coming about because of the unnecessary or constant utilization of mixed drinks.

Alcove (n) :- a secured break associated with or along the edge of a bigger room.

Alder (n) :- any bush or little tree of the variety alumnus, of the oak family.

Alderman (n) :- an individual from a civil administrative body, who ordinarily practices likewise certain legal capacities.

Aldermanship (n) :- the respect, condition, office, or term of office of a council member.

Alias (n) :- an accepted name.

Alien (n) :- one who owes loyalty to an unfamiliar government.

Alienable (adj) :- equipped for being aliened or estranged, as terrains.

Alienate (v) :- to cause to dismiss.

Alienation (n) :- antagonism.

Aliment (n) :- that which feeds.

Alkali (n) :- anything that will kill a corrosive, as lime, magnesia, and so on

Allay (v) :- to quiet the brutality or diminish the force of; moderate.

Allege (v) :- to state to be valid, particularly in a proper way, as in court.

Allegory (n) :- the going ahead of a subject under the appearance of another subject of appropriately intriguing resemblance.

Alleviate (v) :- to make less difficult or less difficult to shoulder.

Alley (n) :- a restricted road, garden way, walk, or something like that.

Alliance (n) :- any blend or association for some basic reason.

Allot (v) :- to allocate an unequivocal thing or part to someone in particular.

Allotment (n) :- segment.

Allude (v) :- to allude unexpectedly, or by recommendation.

Allusion (n) :- an aberrant and coincidental reference to something without unmistakable notice of it.

Alluvion (n) :- flood.

Ally (n) :- someone or something associated with another, for the most part in some connection of accommodation.

Almanac (n) :- a progression of tables giving the times of the week along with certain cosmic data.

Aloof (adv) :- not in compassion for or craving to connect with others.

Altar (n) :- any raised spot or structure on which penances might be offered or incense consumed.

Alter (v) :- to make change in.

Alteration (n) :- change or adjustment.

Altercate (v) :- to battle indignantly or fanatically in words.

Alternate (n) :- one picked to act instead of another, in the event of the nonappearance or insufficiency of that other.

Alternative (n) :- something that may or should exist, be taken or picked, or done as opposed to something different.

Altitude (n) :- vertical separation or rise over any point or base-level, as the ocean.

Alto (n) :- the least or most profound female voice or part.

Altruism (n) :- altruism to others on subjection to personal circumstance.

Altruist (n) :- one who supporters or practices charitableness.

Amalgam (n) :- a composite or association of mercury with another metal.

Amalgamate (v) :- to combine or mix in a homogeneous body.

Amateur (adj) :- rehearsing a workmanship or occupation for its love, however not as a calling.

Amatory (adj) :- intended to energize love.

Ambidextrous (adj) :- having the capacity of utilizing two hands without breaking a sweat.

Ambiguous (adj) :- having a multifaceted nuance.

Ambitious (adj) :- energetically covetous and yearning.

Ambrosial (adj) :- supernaturally sweet, fragrant, or heavenly.

Ambulance (n) :- a vehicle fitted for passing on the debilitated and injured.

Ambulate (v) :- to stroll about

Ambush (n) :- the demonstration or condition of lying hid to shock or assaulting the foe.

Ameliorate (v) :- to ease, as from agony or difficulty

Amenable (adj) :- willing and prepared to submit.

Americanism (n) :- an exceptional sense in which an english word or expression is utilized in the united states.

Amicable (adj) :- done in a neighborly soul.

Amity (n) :- fellowship.

Amorous (adj) :- having an affinity for becoming hopelessly enamored.

Amorphous (adj) :- without determinate shape.

Amour (n) :- a relationship, particularly one of an illegal nature.

Ampere (n) :- the down to earth unit of electric-flow quality.

Ampersand (n) :- the character and; and.

Amphibious (adj) :- living both ashore and in water.

Amphitheater (n) :- a structure of curved shape, built about a focal open space or field.

Amplitude (n) :- enormity.

Amply (adv) :- adequately.

Amputate (v) :- to eliminate by cutting, as an appendage or some bit of the body.

Amusement (n) :- preoccupation.

Anachronism (n) :- anything happening or existing out of its legitimate time.

Anagram (n) :- the letters of a word or expression so translated as to make an alternate word or expression.

Analogous (adj) :- comparing (to some other) in specific regards, as in structure, proportion, relations.

Analogy (n) :- thinking in which from certain and known relations or likeness others are shaped.

Analyst (n) :- one who breaks down or utilizes the expository technique.

Analyze (v) :- to look at minutely or fundamentally.

Anarchy (n) :- nonappearance or express negligence of government.

Anathema (n) :- anything prohibited, as by social utilization.

Anatomy (n) :- that part of morphology which treats of the structure of life forms.

Ancestry (n) :- one’s progenitors all things considered.

Anecdote (n) :- a concise record of some intriguing occasion or episode.

Anemia (n) :- inadequacy of blood or red corpuscles.

Anemic (adj) :- influenced with frailty.

Anemometer (n) :- an instrument for estimating the power or speed of wind.

Anesthetic (adj) :- relating to or creating loss of sensation.

Anew (adv) :- again.

Angelic (adj) :- righteous.

Anglophobia (n) :- disdain or fear of England or of what is English.

Anglosaxon (n) :- the whole English race any place found, as in Europe, the united states, or india.

Angular (adj) :- sharp-cornered.

Anhydrous (adj) :- shriveled.

Animadversion (n) :- the expression of analysis or rebuke.

Animadvert (v) :- to pass analysis or rebuff.

Animalcule (n) :- a creature of minuscule littleness.

Animate (v) :- to make alive.

Animosity (n) :- scorn.

Annalist (n) :- antiquarian.

Annals (n) :- a record of occasions in their sequential request, step by step.

Annex (v) :- to include or append toward the end.

Annihilate (v) :- to obliterate totally.

Annotate (v) :- to make illustrative or basic notes on or upon.

Annual (adj) :- happening each year.

Annuity (n) :- a yearly recompense, installment, or pay.

Annunciation (n) :- decree.

Anode (n) :- where or way by which a voltaic current enters an electrolyte or something like that.

Anonymous (adj) :- of obscure creation.

Antagonism (n) :- common resistance or opposition of checking powers, standards, or people.

Antarctic (adj) :- relating toward the south pole or the areas close to it.

Ante (v) :- in the round of poker, to set up a stake before the cards are managed.

Antecede (v) :- to go before.

Antecedent (n) :- one who or that which goes before or goes previously, as in time, put in, rank, request, or causality.

Antechamber (n) :- a sitting area for the individuals who look for crowd.

Antedate (v) :- to dole out or fasten a date to sooner than the genuine one.

Antediluvian (adj) :- of or relating to the occasions, things, occasions before the incredible flood.

Antemeridian (adj) :- prior to early afternoon.

Antemundane (adj) :- relating to time before the world’s creation.

Antenatal (adj) :- happening or existing before birth.

Anterior (adj) :- earlier.

Anteroom (n) :- a room arranged previously and opening into another, generally bigger.

Anthology (n) :- an assortment of concentrates from the compositions of different creators.

Anthracite (n) :- hard coal.

Anthropology (n) :- the study of man by and large.

Anthropomorphous (adj) :- having or taking after human structure.

Antic (n) :- an unusual, preposterous, or awesome activity.

Antichrist (n) :- any rival or adversary of Christ, regardless of whether an individual or a force.

Anticlimax (n) :- a steady or unexpected abatement in the significance or grandness of what is said.

Anticyclone (n) :- an environmental state of high focal weight, with flows streaming outward.

Antidote (n) :- anything that will balance or eliminate the impacts of toxic substance, infection, or something like that.

Antilogy (n) :- irregularity or inconsistency in wording or thoughts.

Antipathy (n) :- a strong feeling of hatred or dislike

Antiphon (n) :- a reaction or modification of reactions, for the most part melodic.

Antiphony (n) :- a song of devotion or other creation sung responsively.

Antipodes (n) :- a spot or area on the contrary side of the earth.

Antiquary (n) :- one who gathers and looks at old things, as coins, books, decorations, weapons, and so on

Antiquate (v) :- to make old or obsolete.

Antique (adj) :- relating to old occasions.

Antiseptic (n) :- anything that devastates or controls the development of putrefactive miniature life forms.

Antislavery (adj) :- contradicted to human bondage.

Antispasmodic (adj) :- having a tendency to forestall or calm non-incendiary uncontrollable kind gestures.

Antistrophe (n) :- the reversal of terms in progressive classes, as in “the home of euphoria” and “the delight of home”.

Antitoxin (n) :- a substance which kills the toxic results of miniature creatures.

Antonym (n) :- a word straightforwardly restricted to another in importance.

Anxious (adj) :- bothered as a primary concern regarding some dubious issue.

Apathy (n) :- torpor to feeling or energetic inclination.

Aperture (n) :- opening or hole.

Apex (n) :- the most noteworthy point, starting at a mountain.

Aphorism (n) :- precept.

Apiary (n) :- a spot where honey bees are kept.

Apogee (n) :- the peak.

Apology (n) :- a disclaimer of purposeful blunder or offense.

Apostasy (n) :- an all-out takeoff from one’s confidence or religion.

Apostate (adj) :- bogus.

Apostle (n) :- any courier authorized by or as by divine position.

Apothecary (n) :- one who saves drugs available to be purchased and sets up remedies.

Apotheosis (n) :- exaltation.

Appall (v) :- to load up with consternation or awfulness.

Apparent (adj) :- effortlessly comprehended.

Apparition (n) :- phantom.

Appease (v) :- to calm by calming outrage or ire.

Appellate (adj) :- fit for being spoke to.

Appellation (n) :- the name or title by which a specific individual, class, or thing is called.

Append (v) :- to include or connect, as something extra, subordinate, or beneficial.

Appertain (v) :- associated to, belong, possession

Apposite (adj) :- fitting.

Apposition (n) :- the demonstration of setting next to each other, together, or in contact.

Appraise (v) :- to gauge the cash estimation of.

Appreciable (adj) :- equipped for being recognized by the faculties or keenness.

Apprehend (v) :- to make a detainee of (an individual) for the sake of the law.

Apprehensible (adj) :- equipped for being imagined.

Approbation (n) :- assent.

Appropriate (adj) :- reasonable for the reason and conditions.

Aqueduct (n) :- a water-conductor, especially one for providing a network from a distance.

Aqueous (adj) :- of, relating to, or containing water.

Arbiter (n) :- one picked or named, by shared assent of gatherings in debate, to choose matters.

Arbitrary (adj) :- fixed or done fancifully.

Arbitrate (v) :- to act or give judgment as umpire.

Arbor (n) :- a tree.

Arboreal (adj) :- of or relating to a tree or trees.

Arborescent (adj) :- having the idea of a tree.

Arboretum (n) :- a greenhouse or spot committed to the development of trees or bushes.

Arboriculture (n) :- the development of trees or bushes.

Arcade (n) :- a vaulted way or road; a roofed way having shops, and so on, opening from it.

Archaic (adj) :- obsolete

Archaism (n) :- outdated nature.

Archangel (n) :- a blessed messenger of high position.

Archbishop (n) :- the head of the clerics of a ministerial area in the greek, roman, and anglican church.

Archdeacon (n) :- a high official head of the undertakings of a see.

Archaeology (n) :- the part of humanities worried about the orderly examination of the relics of man.

Archetype (n) :- a model.

Archipelago (n) :- any huge waterway studded with islands, or the islands altogether themselves.

Ardent (adj) :- getting overwhelmed with emotion.

Ardor (n) :- force of energy or friendship.

Arid (adj) :- extremely dry.

Aristocracy (n) :- a genetic respectability

Aristocrat (n) :- an inherited honorable or one almost associated with honorability.

Armada (n) :- an armada of war-vessels.

Armful (n) :- as much as can be held in the arm or arms.

Armory (n) :- an armory.

Aroma (n) :- a pleasant smell.

Arraign (v) :- to call into court, as an individual arraigned for wrongdoing, and request if he concedes.

Arrange (v) :- to place in unequivocal or appropriate request.

Arrangement (n) :- the demonstration of placing in appropriate request, or the condition set up.

Arrant (adj) :- famously terrible.

Arrear (n) :- something past due and unpaid.

Arrival (n) :- a reaching halting spot or objective.

Arrogant (adj) :- unduly or unnecessarily pleased, as of riches, station, learning, and so on

Arrogate (v) :- to take, request, or guarantee, particularly arrogantly or without reasons or grounds.

Artesian (n) :- a profound exhausted well. Water ascends because of underground weight

Artful (adj) :- portrayed by specialty or sly.

Arthurian (adj) :- relating to king Arthur, the genuine or amazing legend of British idyllic story.

Artifice (n) :- deceit.

Artless (adj) :- open.

Ascendant (adj) :- predominant.

Ascension (n) :- the demonstration of rising.

Ascent (n) :- a rising, taking off, or climbing.

Ascetic (adj) :- given to extreme discipline and rehearsing unreasonable restraint and commitment.

Ascribe (v) :- to dole out as a quality or characteristic.

Asexual (adj) :- having no particular sexual organs.

Ashen (adj) :- pale.

Askance (adv) :- with a side or backhanded look or significance.

Asperity (n) :- brutality or unpleasantness of temper.

Aspirant (n) :- one who looks for genuinely, concerning progression, respects, place.

Aspiration (n) :- a sincere wish for that which is over one’s current reach.

Aspire (v) :- to have a sincere want, wish, or yearning, concerning something high and great, not yet achieved.

Assailant (n) :- one who assaults.

Assassin (n) :- one who slaughters, or attempts to murder, misleadingly or furtively.

Assassinate (v) :- to slaughter, as off guard mystery attack, particularly the executing of some famous individual.

Assassination (n) :- killer, as by mystery attack or unfairness.

Assay (n) :- the substance investigation or testing of a composite mineral.

Assent (v) :- to communicate concurrence with an announcement or matter of assessment.

Assess (v) :- to decide the measure of (an assessment or other entirety to be paid).

Assessor (n) :- an official whose obligation it is to survey charges.

Assets (n) :- Property as a rule, viewed as pertinent to the installment of obligations.

Assiduous (adj) :- persevering.

Assignee (n) :- one who is selected to represent another in the administration of certain property and interests.

Assimilate (v) :- to adjust.

Assonance (n) :- likeness or correspondence in sound.

Assonant (adj) :- having likeness of sound.

Assonate (v) :- to accord in sound, particularly vowel sound.

Assuage (v) :- to cause to be less brutal, rough, or serious, as fervor, craving, torment, or illness.

Astringent (adj) :- cruel in air or character.

Astute (adj) :- sharp in acumen.

Atheism (n) :- the forswearing of the presence of god.

Athirst (adj) :- needing water.

Athwart (adv) :- from side to side.

Atomizer (n) :- a contraption for decreasing a fluid to a fine splash, concerning cleansing, inward breath, and so forth

Atone (v) :- to present appropriate reparations in light of.

Atonement (n) :- corrects, reparation, or appeasement produced using incorrectly or injury.

Atrocious (adj) :- ridiculously or wantonly underhanded, criminal, disgusting, or coldblooded.

Atrocity (n) :- extraordinary remorselessness or crazy fiendishness.

Attache (n) :- a subordinate individual from a strategic international safe haven.

Attest (v) :- to affirm as exact, certified, or valid.

Attorney-general (n) :- the main law-official of an administration.

Auburn (adj) :- ruddy earthy colored, said normally of the hair.

Audacious (adj) :- courageous.

Audible (adj) :- sufficiently noisy to be heard.

Audition (n) :- the demonstration or vibe of hearing.

Auditory (adj) :- of or relating to hearing or the organs or feeling of hearing.

Augment (v) :- to make greater.

Augur (v) :- to foresee.

Augustinian (adj) :- relating to St. Augustine, his regulations, or the strict requests shouted toward him.

Aura (n) :- unavoidable clairvoyant impact expected to exude from people

Aural (adj) :- of or relating to the ear.

Auricle (n) :- one of the two offices of the heart which gets the blood from the veins.

Auricular (adj) :- of or relating to the ear, its auricle, or the feeling of hearing.

Auriferous (adj) :- containing gold.

Aurora (n) :- a radiant marvel in the upper locales of the air.

Auspice (n) :- preferring, ensuring, or hopeful impact or direction.

Austere (adj) :- seriously basic; unadorned.

Autarchy (n) :- unhindered force.

Authentic (adj) :- of undisputed source.

Authenticity (n) :- the state or nature of being veritable, or of the inception and origin asserted.

Autobiography (n) :- a mind-blowing tale composed without anyone else.

Autocracy (n) :- supreme government.

Autocrat (n) :- anyone who asserts or employs unhindered or undisputed power or impact.

Automaton (n) :- any living being whose activities are or seem, by all accounts, to be automatic or mechanical.

Autonomous (adj) :- self-overseeing.

Autonomy (n) :- self-government.

Autopsy (n) :- the assessment of a dead body by analyzation to determine the reason for death.

Autumnal (adj) :- of or relating to pre-winter.

Auxiliary (n) :- one who or that which helps or aides, particularly when viewed as auxiliary or adornment.

Avalanche (n) :- the fall or sliding of a mass of day off ice down a mountain-incline, frequently holding on for it rock.

Avarice (n) :- energy for getting and keeping wealth.

Aver (v) :- to state as a reality.

Averse (adj) :- hesitant.

Aversion (n) :- a state of mind of fixed resistance to or aversion of some specific thing.

Avert (v) :- to dismiss or aside.

Aviary (n) :- a roomy pen or walled in area in which live winged animals are kept.

Avidity (n) :- ravenousness.

Avocation (n) :- preoccupation.

Avow (v) :- to proclaim transparently.

Awaken (v) :- to excite, as feeling, intrigue, or something like that.

Awry (adv) (adj) :- out of the correct structure, course, or position.

Aye (adv) :- a declaration of consent.

Azalea (n) :- a blooming bush.

Azure (n) :- the shade of the sky.


Bacterium (n) :- A microorganism.

Badger (v) :- To hassle.

Baffle (v) :- To thwart or disappoint.

Bailiff (n) :- An official of court having guardianship of detainees under arraignment.

Baize (n) :- A solitary hued snoozed woolen texture utilized for table covers, blinds, and so forth

Bale (n) :- A huge bundle arranged for transportation or capacity.

Baleful (adj) :- Threatening.

Ballad (n) :- Any well-known account sonnet, frequently with epic subject and as a rule in verse structure.

Balsam (n) :- A clinical readiness, fragrant and sleek, utilized for recuperating.

Banal (adj) :- Typical.

Barcarole (n) :- A vessel melody of venetian gondoliers.

Barograph (n) :- An instrument that registers graphically and consistently the air pressure.

Barometer (n) :- An instrument for demonstrating the climatic weight per unit of surface.

Barring (prep) :- Aside from.

Baritone (adj) :- Having a register higher than bass and lower than tenor.

Bask (v) :- To make warm by agreeable warmth.

Bass (adj) :- Low in tone or compass.

Baste (v) :- To cover with dissolved fat, sauce, while cooking.

Baton (n) :- An official staff borne either as a weapon or as a symbol of power or benefit.

Battalion(n) :- A collection of infantry made out of at least two organizations, shaping an aspect of a regiment.

Batten (n) :- A thin portion of wood.

Batter (n) :- A thick fluid blend of at least two materials beaten together, to be utilized in cookery.

Bauble (n) :- A knickknack.

Bawl (v) :- To announce by objection.

Beatify (v) :- To make especially glad.

Beatitude (n) :- Any condition of extraordinary satisfaction.

Beau (n) :- An escort or darling.

Becalm (v) :- To make calm.

Beck (v) :- To give a sign to, by gesture or motion.

Bedaub (v) :- To spread over, similarly as with something sleek or clingy.

Bedeck (v) :- To cover with trimming.

Bedlam (n) :- Crazy house.

Befog (v) :- To befuddle.

Befriend (v) :- To be a companion to, particularly when out of luck.

Beget (v) :- To deliver by sexual contact.

Begrudge (v) :- To begrudge one of the ownership of.

Belate (v) :- To defer past the best possible hour.

Belay (v) :- To make quick, as a rope, by twisting cycle a projection.

Belie (v) :- To distort.

Believe (v) :- To acknowledge as obvious on the declaration or authority of others.

Belittle (v) :- To criticize.

Belle (n) :- A lady who is a focal point of fascination as a result of her excellence, achievements, and so forth

Bellicose (adj) :- Warlike.

Belligerent (adj) :- Showing a warlike soul.

Bemoan (v) :- To mourn

Benediction (n) :- A serious conjuring of the awesome gift.

Benefactor (n) :- A practitioner of compassionate and beneficent acts.

Benefice (n) :- A congregation office blessed with assets or property for the support of heavenly assistance.

Beneficent (adj) :- Portrayed by noble cause and benevolence.

Beneficial (adj) :- Supportive.

Beneficiary (n) :- One who is legally qualified for the benefits and continues of a bequest or property.

Benefit (n) :- Accommodating outcome.

Benevolence (n) :- Any thoughtful gesture or well-doing.

Benevolent (adj) :- Adoring others and effectively covetous of their prosperity.

Benign (adj) :- Great and sort of heart.

Benignant (adj) :- Big-hearted in feeling, character, or viewpoint.

Benignity (n) :- Graciousness of feeling, attitude, or way.

Benison (n) :- Gift.

Bequeath (v) :- To give by will.

Bereave (v) :- To make ruined with forlornness and sorrow.

Berth (n) :- A bunk or bed in a vessel, resting vehicle, and so forth

Beseech (v) :- To entreat.

Beset (v) :- To assault on all sides.

Besmear (v) :- To spread over, similarly as with any sleek or clingy substance.

Bestial (adj) :- Creature.

Bestrew (v) :- To sprinkle or spread with things flung.

Bestride (v) :- To get or sit upon on the back of, as a pony.

Bethink (v) :- To remind oneself.

Betide (v) :- To happen to or occur for.

Betimes ad(v) :- In great season or time.

Betroth (v) :- To connect with to wed.

Betrothal (n) :- Commitment to wed.

Bevel (n) :- Any tendency of two surfaces other than 90 degrees.

Bewilder (v) :- To confound the recognitions or judgment of.

Bibliomania (n) :- The energy for gathering books.

Bibliography (n) :- A rundown of the expressions of a creator, or the writing bearing on a specific subject.

Bibliophile (n) :- One who cherishes books.

Bibulous (adj) :- Enamored with drinking.

Bide (v) :- To anticipate.

Biennial (n) :- A plant that produces leaves and roots the principal year and blossoms and organic product the second.

Bier (n) :- A flat structure with two handles at each end for keeping a carcass a secret forever.

Bigamist (n) :- One who has two companions simultaneously.

Bigamy (n) :- The wrongdoing of wedding some other individual while having a legitimate companion living.

Bight (n) :- A marginally subsiding inlet between headlands, framed by a long bend of a coast-line.

Bilateral (adj) :- Two-sided.

Bilingual (adj) :- Communicating in two dialects.

Biograph (n) :- A bibliographical sketch or notice.

Biography (n) :- A composed record of one’s life, activities, and character.

Biology (n) :- The study of everyday routine or experiencing life forms.

Biped (n) :- A creature having two feet.

Birthright (n) :- A benefit or ownership into which one is conceived.

Bitterness (n) :- Acridity, with regards to the taste.

Blase (adj) :- Satiated with joy.

Blaspheme (v) :- To enjoy profane vows.

Blatant (adj) :- Boisterously or unpalatably noisy or raucous.

Blaze (n) :- A clear gleaming fire.

Blazon (v) :- To make broadly or by and large known.

Bleak (adj) :- Barren.

Blemish (n) :- An imprint that damages excellence.

Blithe (adj) :- Happy.

Blithesome (adj) :- Chipper.

Blockade (n) :- The quieting down of a town, a wilderness, or a line of coast by threatening powers.

Boatswain (n) :- A subordinate official of a vessel, who has general charge of the apparatus, secures, and so on

Bodice (n) :- A ladies’ elaborate girdle molded bound abdomen.

Bodily (adj) :- Bodily.

Boisterous (adj) :- Unchecked joy or creature spirits.

Bole (n) :- The storage compartment or body of a tree.

Bolero (n) :- A Spanish move, illustrative of the enthusiasm of adoration, joined by station nets and singing.

Boll (n) :- A round case or seed-container, as a flax or cotton.

Bolster (v) :- To help, as something incorrectly.

Bomb (n) :- An empty shot containing a touchy material.

Bombard (v) :- To attack with any rocket or with harsh discourse.

Bombardier (n) :- An individual who has charge of mortars, bombs, and shells.

Bombast (n) :- Expanded or lavish language, particularly on immaterial subjects.

Boorish (adj) :- Impolite.

Bore (v) :- To tired by repetitiveness or bluntness.

Borough (n) :- A consolidated town or town.

Bosom (n) :- The bosom or the upper front of the chest of a person, particularly of a lady.

Botanical (adj) :- Associated with the investigation or development of plants.

Botanize (v) :- To consider vegetation.

Botany (n) :- The science that treats of plants.

Bountiful (adj) :- Demonstrating wealth.

Bowdlerize (v) :- To expurgate in altering (a scholarly organization) by precluding words or sections.

Bowler (n) :- In cricket, the player who conveys the ball.

Boycott (v) :- To put the items or product of under a boycott.

Brae (n) :- Slope.

Braggart (n) :- A vain braggart.

Brandish (v) :- To wave, shake, or prosper victoriously or disobediently, as a blade or lance.

Bravado (n) :- A forceful showcase of intensity.

Bravo (interj) :- Very much done.

Bray (n) :- An uproarious unforgiving sound, as the call of an ass or the impact of a horn.

Braze (v) :- To make of or trimming with metal.

Brazier (n) :- An open dish or bowl for holding live coals.

Breach (n) :- The infringement of authentic obligation, legal right, or a lawful commitment.

Breaker (n) :- One who trains ponies, canines, and so on

Breech (n) :- The rear end.

Brethren (n) :- Individuals from a fellowship, gild, calling, affiliation, or something like that.

Brevity (n) :- Brevity of span.

Bric-a-brac (n) :- Objects of interest or for enhancement.

Bridle (n) :- The head-saddle of a pony comprising of a head-slow down, a piece, and the reins.

Brigade (n) :- An assortment of troops comprising of at least two regiments.

Brigadier (n) :- General official who orders a unit, positioning between a colonel and a significant general.

Brigand (n) :- One who lives by theft and loot.

Brimstone (n) :- Sulfur.

Brine (n) :- Water immersed with salt.

Bristle (n) :- One of the coarse, firm hairs of pig: utilized in brush-production, and so forth

Britannia (n) :- The united kingdom of great Britain.

Briticism (n) :- A word, colloquialism, or expression normal for great Britain or the british.

Brittle (adj) :- Delicate.

Broach (v) :- To make reference to, unexpectedly.

Broadcast (adj) :- Spread all over.

Brogan (n) :- A coarse, substantial shoe.

Brogue (n) :- Any argument way to express English, particularly that of the Irish public.

Brokerage (n) :- The matter of making deals and buys for a commission; a dealer.

Bromine (n) :- A dull ruddy earthy colored, non-metallic fluid component with a stifling scent.

Bronchitis (n) :- Aggravation of the bronchial cylinders.

Bronchus (n) :- Both of the two regions of the windpipe passing on air into the lungs.

Brooch (n) :- An article of gems attached by a pivoted pin and snare on the underside.

Brotherhood (n) :- Otherworldly or social association or solidarity.

Browbeat (v) :- To overpower, or endeavor to do as such, by harsh, haughty, or discourteous location or way.

Brusque (adj) :- To some degree unpleasant or impolite in way or discourse.

Buffoon (n) :- A comedian.

Buffoonery (n) :- Low buffoonery, coarse jokes, and so forth

Bulbous (adj) :- Of, or relating to, or like a bulb.

Bullock (n) :- A bull.

Bulrush (n) :- Any of different tall surge like plants filling in soggy ground or water.

Bulwark (n) :- Anything that gives security or protection.

Bumper (n) :- A cup or glass filled to the edge, particularly one to be tanked as a toast or wellbeing.

Bumptious (adj) :- Loaded with hostile and forceful self-arrogance.

Bungle (v) :- To execute cumbersomely.

Buoyancy (n) :- Force or inclination to drift on or in a fluid or gas.

Buoyant (adj) :- Having the force or inclination to buoy or keep above water.

Bureau (n) :- A dresser for garments, and so on.

Bureaucracy (n) :- Government by divisions of men executing specific parts of public business.

Burgess (n) :- In frontier times, an individual from the lower place of the governing body of Maryland or Virginia.

Burgher (n) :- An occupant, resident or freeman of a district burgh, or corporate town.

Burnish (v) :- To make splendid or sparkling.

Bursar (n) :- A financier.

Bustle (v) :- To rush.

Butt (v) :- To hit with or similarly as with the head, or horns.

Butte (n) :- An obvious slope, low mountain, or normal turret, for the most part confined.

Buttress (n) :- Any help or prop.

By-law (n) :- A standard or law embraced by an affiliation, an enterprise, or something like that.


Cabal (n) :- Various people subtly joined for affecting by interest some private reason.

Cabalism (n) :- Eccentric dedication to one’s religion.

Cabinet (n) :- The assortment of men establishing the official counselors of the chief top of a country.

Cacophony (n) :- An unpalatable, brutal, or harsh sound or mix of sounds or tones.

Cadaverous (adj) :- Looking like a cadaver.

Cadence (n) :- Rhythmical or estimated stream or development, as in verse or the time and movement of walking troops.

Cadenza (n) :- A frivolity or thrive, arranged or extemporized, for a performance voice or instrument.

Caitiff (adj) :- Fainthearted.

Cajole (v) :- To force on or trick by complimenting discourse.

Cajolery (n) :- Deceptive discourse.

Calculable (adj) :- That might be assessed by retribution.

Calculus (n) :- A solidification framed in different pieces of the body taking after a rock in hardness.

Callosity (n) :- The condition of being hard and apathetic.

Callow (adj) :- Without experience of the world.

Calorie (n) :- Measure of warmth expected to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree centigrade.

Calumny (n) :- Defamation.

Calvary (n) :- Where Christ was killed.

Calvinism (n) :- The arrangement of principle instructed by john Calvin.

Calvinize (v) :- To educate or pervade with the precepts of Calvinism.

Came (n) :- A heavy scarf bar or notched strip for securing sheets in recolored glass windows.

Cameo (n) :- Any little engraved or cut work in alleviation.

Campaign (n) :- A total arrangement of associated military activities.

Canaanite (n) :- An individual from one of the three clans that stayed in the place where there is Canaan, or western Palestine.

Canary (adj) :- Of a brilliant however fragile yellow.

Candid (adj) :- Clear.

Candor (n) :- The nature of straightforwardness or frankness.

Canine (adj) :- Normal for a canine.

Canon (n) :- Any standard or law.

Cant (v) :- To talk in a tiresome, lecturing tone with influenced seriousness.

Cantata (n) :- A choral synthesis.


Daring (adj) :- Challenger, brave.

Darkling (adv) :- Aimlessly.

Darwinism (n) :- The principle that regular determination has been the prime reason for advancement of higher structures.

Dastard (n) :- A base defeatist, coward.

Datum (n) :- A reason, beginning stage, or given certainty.

Dauntless (adj) :- Dauntless.

Day-man (n) :- A day-worker.

Dead-heat (n) :- A race in which at least two contenders come out even, and there is no champ.

Dearth (n) :- Shortage, as of something standard, basic, or attractive.

Death’s-head (n) :- A human skull as an image of death.

Debase (v) :- To bring down in character or excellence.

Debatable (adj) :- Subject to conflict or contest.

Debonair (adj) :- Having delicate or considerate bearing or way.

Debut (n) :- A first appearance in the public eye or on the stage.

Decagon (n) :- A figure with ten sides and ten points.

Decagram (n) :- A load of 10 grams.

Decaliter (n) :- A fluid and dry proportion of 10 liters.

Decalogue (n) :- The ten instructions.

Decameron (n) :- A volume comprising of ten sections or books.

Decameter (n) :- A length of ten meters.

Decamp (v) :- To leave out of nowhere or out of the blue.

Decapitate (v) :- To guillotine.

Decapod (adj) :- Ten-footed or ten-furnished.

Decasyllable (n) :- A line of ten syllables.

Deceit (n) :- Lie.

Deceitful (adj) :- Fake.

Deceive (v) :- To misdirect by or as by deception.

Decency (n) :- Moral wellness.

Decent (adj) :- Portrayed by legitimacy of lead, discourse, habits, or dress.

Deciduous (adj) :- Tumbling off at development as petals in the wake of blossoming, natural product when ready, and so on

Decimal (adj) :- Established on the number 10.

Decimate (v) :- To annihilate a quantifiable or huge extent of.

Decipher (v) :- To discover the genuine words or significance of, as something barely decipherable.

Decisive (ad) :- Convincing.

Declamation (n) :- A discourse recounted or expected for recitation from memory openly.

Declamatory (adj) :- A full and formal style of articulation.

Declarative (adj) :- Containing a formal, positive, or unequivocal explanation or assertion.

Declension (n) :- The difference in endings in things and (adj) :- To communicate their various relations of sex.

Decorate (v) :- To decorate.

Decorous (adj) :- Reasonable for the event or conditions.

Decoy (n) :- Anything that appeals, or is proposed to charms into potential harm or allurement.

Decrepit (adj) :- Enfeebled, as by mature age or some ongoing illness.

Dedication (n) :- The deliberate sanctification or surrender of something to an end or cause.

Deduce (v) :- To infer or make as a determination by thinking from given premises or standards.

Deface (v) :- To damage or distort the face or outer surface of.

Defalcate (v) :- To remove off or take, as a piece of something.

Defamation (n) :- Malevolent and unfounded injury done to the notoriety or great name of another.

Defame (v) :- To criticize.

Default (n) :- The disregard or exclusion of a lawful necessity.

Defendant (n) :- An individual against whom a suit is brought.

Defensible (adj) :- Fit for being kept up or supported.


Earnest (adj) :- Vigorous in soul and discourse.

Earthenware (n) :- Anything made of mud and heated in an oven or dried in the sun.

Eatable (adj) :- Good to eat.

Ebullient (adj) :- Indicating excitement or thrill of feeling.

Eccentric (adj) :- Exceptional.

Eccentricity (n) :- Idiosyncrasy.

Eclipse (n) :- The hindrance of a glorious body by its going into the shadow of another body.

Economize (v) :- To spend sparingly.

Ecstasy (n) :- Happy energy or magnification.

Ecstatic (adj) :- Delighted.

Edible (adj) :- Reasonable to be eaten, palatable.

Edict (n) :- That which is expressed or broadcasted by power when in doubt of activity.

Edify (v) :- To develop, or fortify, particularly in ethics or religion.

Editorial (n) :- An article in a periodical composed by the manager and distributed as an official contention.

Educe (v) :- To draw out.

Efface (v) :- To devastate.

Effect (n) :- An outcome.

Effective (adj) :- Fit for an ordained reason.

Effectual (adj) :- Proficient.

Effeminacy (n) :- Womanishness.

Effeminate (adj) :- Having womanish attributes or characteristics.

Effervesce (v) :- To rise.

Effervescent (adj) :- Radiating air pockets of gas.

Effete (adj) :- Depleted, as having played out its capacities.

Efficacious (adj) :- Successful.

Efficacy (n) :- The ability to create a planned impact as appeared in its creation.

Efficiency (n) :- The condition of having satisfactory expertise or information for the exhibition of an obligation.

Efficient (adj) :- Having and practicing the ability to deliver impacts or results.

Efflorescence (n) :- The condition of being colorful, or a fancy appearance.

Efflorescent (adj) :- Opening in blossom.

Effluvium (n) :- A toxic or sick smelling exhalation from rotting or festering matter.

Effrontery (n) :- Cheeky rudeness.

Effulgence (n) :- Wonder.

Effuse (v) :- To pour forward.


Facet (n) :- One of the little three-sided plane surfaces of a precious stone or other jewel.

Facetious (adj) :- Entertaining.

Facial (adj) :- Relating to the face.

Facile (adj) :- Not hard to do.

Facilitate (v) :- To make all the simpler.

Facility (n) :- Straightforwardness.

Facsimile (n) :- A precise or proliferation.

Faction (n) :- Various people joined for a typical reason.

Factious (adj) :- Fierce.

Fallacious (adj) :- Nonsensical.

Fallacy (n) :- Any weak or deceptive method of thinking, or anything dependent on such thinking.

Fallible (adj) :- Fit for failing.

Fallow (n) :- Land separated and left to turn out to be smooth or to rest.

Famish (v) :- To endure furthest point of craving or thirst.

Fanatic (n) :- A strict radical.

Fancier (n) :- One having a desire for or enthusiasm for extraordinary articles.

Fanciless (adj) :- Dull.

Fastidious (adj) :- Difficult to please.

Fathom (n) :- A proportion of length, 6 feet.

Fatuous (adj) :- Bonehead

Faulty (adj) :- Defective.

Faun (n) :- One of a class of divinities of the forested areas and groups spoke to as half human, with goats feet.

Fawn (n) :- A youthful deer.

Fealty (n) :- Devotion.

Feasible (adj) :- That might be done, performed, or affected; practicable.

Federate (v) :- To class together.

Feint (n) :- Any trick, misrepresentation, or misleading development.

Felicitate (v) :- To wish bliss or joy to, particularly considering a coming occasion.

Felicity (n) :- A condition of all around established satisfaction.

Felon (n) :- A crook or debased individual.


Gauge (n) :- An instrument for estimating.

Gaiety (n) :- Merriment.

Gaily (adv) :- Happily.

Gait (n) :- Carriage of the body in going.

Gallant (adj) :- Having a bold or valiant soul.

Galore (adj) :- Bountiful.

Galvanic (adj) :- Relating or identifying with power delivered by synthetic activity.

Galvanism (n) :- Flow power, particularly that emerging from compound activity.

Galvanize (v) :- To pervade with life or liveliness.

Gamble (v) :- To hazard cash or other belonging on an occasion, possibility, or possibility.

Gambol (n) :- Lively jumping or searching.

Gamester (n) :- A speculator.

Gamut (n) :- The entire reach or succession.

Garnish (v) :- In cookery, to encompass with increases for adornment.


Habitable (adj) :- Fit to be abided in.

Habitant (n) :- Occupant.

Habitual (adj) :- As indicated by common practice.

Habitude (n) :- Standard connection or affiliation.

Hackney (v) :- To make old or worn out by reiteration.

Haggard (adj) :- Worn and thin in appearance.

Halcyon (adj) :- Quiet.

Hale (adj) :- Of sound and lively wellbeing.

Handwriting (n) :- Penmanship.

Hanger-on (n) :- A parasite.

Happy-go-lucky (adj) :- Cheerful.

Harangue (n) :- An outburst.

Harass (v) :- To issue with insistences, cares, or inconveniences.

Harbinger (n) :- One who or that which foreruns and declares the happening to someone or something.

Hard-hearted (adj) :- Lacking compassion or compassion.

Hardihood (n) :- Silly challenging.

Harmonious (adj) :- Concordant in sound.

Havoc (n) :- Annihilation.

Hawthorn (n) :- A prickly bush a lot of utilized in England for supports.

Hazard (n) :- Danger.

Head first (adv) :- Precipitately, as in jumping.

Head foremost (adv) :- Precipitately, as in jumping.

Heartrending (adj) :- Extremely discouraging.

Heathenish (adj) :- Skeptical.

Heedless (adj) :- Neglectful.

Heifer (n) :- Youthful dairy animals.


Ichthyic (adj) :- Fish-like.

Ichthyology (n) :- The part of zoology that treats of fishes.

Ichthyosaurs (n) :- A fossil reptile.

Icily (adv) :- Chillingly.

Iciness (n) :- The condition of being frosty.

Icon (n) :- A picture or similarity.

Iconoclast (n) :- A picture breaker.

Idealize (v) :- To make to adjust to some psychological or nonexistent norm.

Idiom (n) :- An utilization of words impossible to miss to a specific language.

Idiosyncrasy (n) :- A psychological quality or propensity impossible to miss to a person.

Idolize (v) :- To respect with extreme love or deference.

Ignoble (adj) :- Low in character or reason.

Ignominious (adj) :- Dishonorable.

Iliad (n) :- A Greek epic sonnet portraying scenes from the attack of Troy.

Illegal (adj) :- Not as per law.

Illegible (adj) :- Undecipherable.

Illegitimate (adj) :- Unlawfully sired.

Illiberal (adj) :- Miserly.

Illicit (adj) :- Unlawful.

Illimitable (adj) :- Vast.

Illiterate (adj) :- Having almost no book-learning.

Ill-natured (adj) :- Morose, surly


Jargon (n) :- special words, indiscernible discourse or profoundly specialized discourse.

Jaundice (n) :- A dreary condition, because of hindered discharge of bile or portrayed by yellowing of the skin.

Jeopardize (v) :- To endanger.

Jingo (n) :- One of a gathering in Great Britain for vivacious and definite international strategy.

Jocose (adj) :- Done or made jokingly.

Jocular (adj) :- Slanted to joke.

Joggle (n) :- An unexpected sporadic shake or a push causing such a shake.

Journalize (v) :- To keep a journal.

Jovial (adj) :- Joyful.

Jubilation (n) :- Jubilee.

Judgment (n) :- The personnel by the activity of which a conscious end is reached.

Judicature (n) :- Dispersion and organization of equity by preliminary and judgment.

Judicial (adj) :- Relating to the organization of equity.

Judiciary (n) :- That branch of government which manages the law identifying with common and criminal equity.

Judicious (adj) :- Judicious.

Juggle (v) :- To play stunts of skillful deception.

Jugglery (n) :- The craftsmanship or practice of skillful deception.

Jugular (adj) :- Relating to the throat.

Juicy (adj) :- Delicious.

Junction (n) :- The state of being joined.

Juncture (n) :- An enunciation, joint, or crease.

Junta (n) :- A chamber or gathering that thinks covertly upon the issues of government.

Juridical (adj) :- Accepted by law to exist.

Jurisdiction (n) :- Legal force or option to practice official power.

Jurisprudence (n) :- The study of rights as per positive law.

Juror (n) :- One who serves on a jury or is confirmed for jury obligation in an official courtroom.

Joust (v) :- To take part in a tilt with spears riding a horse.

Justification (n) :- Vindication.

Juvenile (adj) :- Normal for youth.

Juxtapose (v) :- To put near one another.


Keepsake (n) :- Anything kept or given to be saved for the provider.

Kerchief (n) :- A square of cloth, silk, or other material, utilized as a covering for the head or neck.

Kernel (n) :- A seed or a grain.

Kiln (n) :- A broiler or heater for preparing, consuming, or drying mechanical items.

Kiloliter (n) :- 1,000 liters.

Kilometer (n) :- A length of 1,000 meters.

Kilowatt (n) :- 1,000 watts.

Kimono (n) :- A free robe, securing with a scarf, the important external article of clothing in japan.

Kind-hearted (adj) :- Having a sort and thoughtful nature.

Kingling (n) :- A trivial ruler.

Kingship (n) :- Illustrious state.

Kinsfolk (n) :- Pl. Family members.

Knavery (n) :- Misdirection in managing.

Knead (v) :- To blend and work into a homogeneous mass, particularly with the hands.

Knickknack (n) :- A little article, more for trimming that utilization.

Knight deviant/errant (n) :- One of the meandering knights who in the medieval times went forward looking for experience.


Lacerate (v) :- To tear discourteously or shoddily.

Lackadaisical (adj) :- Drowsy.

Lactation (n) :- The discharge of milk.

Lacteal (adj) :- Smooth.

Lactic (adj) :- Relating to drain.

Laddie (n) :- A chap.

Ladle (n) :- A cup-molded vessel with a long handle, planned for plunging up and pouring fluids.

Laggard (adj) :- Falling behind.

Landholder (n) :- Landowner.

Landowner (n) :- A man who possesses and lets an apartment or apartments.

Landmark (n) :- A natural item in the scene filling in as a manual for a region in any case effectively forgot about.

Landscape (n) :- A rustic view, particularly one of pleasant impact, as observed from a good ways or a rise.

Languid (adj) :- Loose.

Languor (n) :- Faintness of body or misery.

Lapse (n) :- A slight deviation based on what is correct, appropriate, or just.

Lascivious (adj) :- Indecent.

Lassie (n) :- A little young lady.

Latent (adj) :- Lethargic.

Latency (n) :- The condition of being lethargic.

Later (adv) :- At a resulting time.

Lateral (adj) :- Coordinated toward the side.

Latish (adj) :- Or maybe late.

Lattice (n) :- Openwork of metal or wood, shaped by intersection or interweaving strips or bars.

Laud (v) :- To adulate in words or melody.

Laudable (adj) :- Excellent.

Laudation (n) :- High recognition.

Laudatory (adj) :- Relating to, communicating, or containing acclaim.

Laundress (n) :- Washerwoman.

Laureate (adj) :- Delegated with tree, as a characteristic of differentiation.

Lave (v) :- To wash or wash.

Lawgiver (n) :- A lawmaker.

Lawmaker (n) :- An administrator.

Lax (adj) :- Not tough or enthusiastic.

Laxative (adj) :- Having capacity to open or slacken the insides.

Lea (n) :- An area or field.



Macadamize (v) :- To cover or clear, as a way or street, with little broken stone.

Machinery (n) :- The pieces of a machine or motor, taken on the whole.

Machinist (n) :- One who makes or fixes machines, or uses metal-working devices.

Macrocosm (n) :- The entire of any circle or branch of nature or information to which man is connected.

Madden (v) :- To aggravate with enthusiasm.

Madonna (n) :- A painted or formed portrayal of the virgin, typically with the newborn child Jesus.

Magician (n) :- An alchemist.

Magisterial (adj) :- Having a quality of power.

Magistracy (n) :- The workplace or respect of an officer.

Magnanimous (adj) :- Liberal in treating or making a decision about others.

Magnate (n) :- An individual of rank or significance.

Magnet (n) :- A body having that exceptional type of extremity found in nature in the lodestone.

Magnetize (v) :- To make a magnet of, forever, or incidentally.

Magnificence (n) :- The show of significance of activity, character, keenness, riches, or influence.

Magnificent (adj) :- Amazing or glorious in appearance, quality, or activity.

Magnitude (n) :- Significance.

Maharaja (n) :- An extraordinary Hindu sovereign.

Maidenhood (n) :- Virginity.

Maintain (v) :- To hold or save in a specific state or condition.

Maintenance (n) :- That which underpins or supports.

Maize (n) :- Indian corn: ordinarily in the united states called basically corn.

Makeup (n) :- The courses of action or blend of the pieces of which anything is created.

Malady (n) :- Any physical infection or turmoil, particularly an ongoing or profound situated one.

Malaria (n) :- A fever described by exchanging chills, fever, and perspiring.

Malcontent (n) :- One who is disappointed with the current situation.

Malediction (n) :- The calling down of a revile or reviles.

Malefactor (n) :- One who harms another.

Maleficent (adj) :- Devilish.

Malevolence (n) :- Malevolence.

Malevolent (adj) :- Wishing evil to other people.

Malign (v) :- To talk evil of, particularly to do so dishonestly and harshly.

Malignant (adj) :- Evil in nature or having a tendency to do incredible damage or naughtiness.

Malleable (adj) :- Malleable.

Mallet (n) :- A wooden sledge.

Maltreat (v) :- To treat sick, horribly, generally, or oppressively.

Man-trap (n) :- A spot or structure risky to human life.

Mandate (n) :- An order.

Mandatory (adj) :- Expressive of positive order, as recognized from just index.

Mane (n) :- The long hair developing upon and about the neck of specific creatures, as the pony and the lion.

Man-eater (n) :- A creature that eats up individuals.

Maneuver (v) :- To cause competent or sly moves: to oversee undertakings by system.

Mania (n) :- Craziness.

Maniac (n) :- An individual raving with franticness.

Manifesto (n) :- A public statement, making declaration, clarification or safeguard of goals, or intentions.

Manlike (adj) :- Like a man.

Manliness (n) :- The characteristics normal for a genuine man, as grit, goal, and so forth

Mannerism (n) :- Steady or unreasonable adherence to one way, style, or eccentricity, as of activity or direct.

Manor (n) :- The landed home of a ruler or aristocrat.

Mantel (n) :- The confronting, at times luxuriously ornamented, about a chimney, including the standard rack above it.

Mantle (n) :- A shroud.

Manufacturer (n) :- An individual occupied with assembling as a business.

Manumission (n) :- Liberation.

Manumit (v) :- To liberate from servitude.

Marine (adj) :- Of or relating to the ocean or matters associated with the ocean.

Maritime (adj) :- Arranged on or close to the ocean.

Maroon (v) :- To put aground and desert (an individual) on a ruined coast or island.

Martial (adj) :- Relating to war or military tasks.

Martian (adj) :- Relating to mars, either the roman divine force of war or the planet.

Martyrdom (n) :- Accommodation to death or mistreatment for confidence or rule.

Marvel (v) :- To be flabbergasted and bewildered in view of (something).



Nameless (adj) :- Having no notoriety or notoriety.

Naphtha (n) :- A light, dry, unstable, inflammable oil utilized as a dissolvable, as in assembling of paints.

Narcissus (n) :- The child of the Athenian waterway god Cepheus, legendary to have experienced passionate feelings for his appearance.

Narrate (v) :- To recount a story.

Narration (n) :- The demonstration of relating the specifics of an occasion in the request for time or event.

Narrative (n) :- A deliberate constant record of the progressive specifics of an occasion.

Narrator (n) :- One who describes anything.

Narrow-minded (adj) :- Portrayed by biased perspectives or suppositions.

Nasal (adj) :- Relating to the nose.

Natal (adj) :- Relating to one’s introduction to the world.

Nationality (n) :- An association with a specific country.

Naturally (adv) :- As indicated by the typical request of things.

Nausea (n) :- A love of the stomach creating wooziness and generally a motivation to upchuck

Nauseate (v) :- To cause to hate.

Nauseous (adj) :- Odious.

Nautical (adj) :- Relating to ships, sailors, or route.

Naval (adj) :- Relating to ships.

Navel (n) :- The downturn on the mid-region where the umbilical rope of the embryo was appended.

Navigable (adj) :- Equipped for business route.

Navigate (v) :- To cross by transport.

Nebula (n) :- A vaporous assemblage of disorderly heavenly substance.

Necessary (adj) :- Irreplaceably essential or totally expected to achieve an ideal outcome.

Necessitate (v) :- To deliver essential.


Oakum (n) :- Hemp-fiber acquired by untwisting and selecting freely the yarns of old hemp rope.

Obdurate (adj) :- Indifferent to sentiments of humankind or pity.

Obelisk (n) :- A square shaft with pyramidal top, generally fantastic or memorial.

Obese (adj) :- Really fat.

Obesity (n) :- Unreasonable heftiness.

Obituary (adj) :- A distributed notification of a passing.

Objective (adj) :- Getting a handle on and speaking to realities as they seem to be.

Objector (n) :- One who objects, regarding a recommendation, measure, or running the show.

Obligate (v) :- To hold to the satisfaction of obligation.

Obligatory (adj) :- Official in law or soul.

Oblique (adj) :- Inclining; said of lines.

Obliterate (v) :- To cause to vanish.

Oblivion (n) :- The condition of having dropped of the memory or of being totally overlooked.

Oblong (adj) :- Longer than wide: applied most normally to rectangular articles impressively stretched

Obnoxious (adj) :- Abhorrent.

Obsequies (n) :- Memorial service rituals.

Obsequious (adj) :- Indicating a subservient availability to fall in with the desires or will of another.

Observance (n) :- A conventional structure or standard act.

Observant (adj) :- Fast to take note.

Observatory (n) :- A structure intended for precise galactic perceptions.

Obsolescence (n) :- The condition or cycle of slowly falling into neglect.

Obsolescent (adj) :- Dropping of utilization, as a word.

Obsolete (adj) :- Not, at this point rehearsed or acknowledged.

Obstetrician (n) :- An expert of birthing assistance.

Obstetrics (n) :- The part of clinical science worried about the treatment and care of ladies during pregnancy.

Obstinacy (n) :- Difficult adherence to conclusion, emerging from pride or the longing to have one’s own specific manner.

Obstreperous (adj) :- Rambunctious.

Obstruct (v) :- To load up with obstructions in order to forestall entry, either entirely or to some extent.

Obstruction (n) :- Prevention.

Obtrude (v) :- To be pushed or to drive oneself into unjustifiable noticeable quality.

Obtrusive (adj) :- Having a tendency to be pushed or to drive oneself into unnecessary conspicuousness.

Obvert (v) :- To turn the front or chief side of (a thing) toward any individual or item.

Obviate (v) :- To gather up or accommodate, as a complaint or trouble.

Occasion (n) :- A significant occasion or festivity.

Occident (n) :- The nations lying west of Asia and the Turkish domains.

Occlude (v) :- To assimilate, as a gas by a metal.

Occult (adj) :- Existing yet not quickly detectable.

Occupant (n) :- An occupant possessing property, as recognized from the genuine proprietor.

Occurrence (n) :- An occurrence.

Octagon (n) :- A figure with eight sides and eight points.

Octave (n) :- A note at this stretch above or underneath some other, considered according to that other.

Octavo (n) :- A book, or assortment of paper in which the sheets are so collapsed as to make eight leaves.

Octogenarian (adj) :- An individual of somewhere in the range of eighty and ninety years.

Ocular (adj) :- Of or relating to the eye.

Oculist (n) :- One versed or gifted in treating sicknesses of the eye.

Oddity (n) :- An unusualness.


Pacify (v) :- To bring into a quiet state.

Packet (n) :- A pack, as of letters.

Pact (n) :- A contract.

Pagan (n) :- An admirer of bogus divine beings.

Pageant (n) :- A sensational portrayal, particularly an astounding one.

Palate (n) :- The top of the mouth.

Palatial (adj) :- Wonderful.

Paleontology (n) :- The part of science that treats of antiquated life and fossil living beings.

Palette (n) :- A slim tablet, with a gap for the thumb, whereupon craftsmen lay their shadings for painting.

Palinode (n) :- A withdrawal.

Pall (v) :- To make dull by satiety.

Palliate (v) :- To cause to show up less blameworthy.

Pallid (adj) :- Of a pale or wan appearance.

Palpable (n) :- Noticeable by feeling or contact.

Palsy (n) :- Loss of motion.

Paly (adj) :- Lacking tone or brilliancy.

Pamphlet (n) :- A short composition or exposition, generally regarding a matter of current intrigue.

Pamphleteer (v) :- To create or give handouts, particularly disputable ones.

Panacea (n) :- A cure or medication proposed for or affirming to fix all infections.

Pan-American (adj) :- Counting or relating to the entire of America, both north and south.

Pandemic (adj) :- Influencing an entire people or all classes, as an infection.

Pandemonium (n) :- A savage or crazy turmoil.

Panegyric (n) :- A formal and expound tribute, composed or spoken, of an individual or of a demonstration.

Panel (n) :- A rectangular piece set in or as in a casing.

Panic (n) :- An unexpected, absurd, overwhelming apprehension.

Panoply (n) :- A full arrangement of shield.

Panorama (n) :- A progression of enormous pictures speaking to a persistent scene.

Pantheism (n) :- The love of nature for itself or its magnificence.

Pantheon (n) :- A round sanctuary at Rome with a fine Corinthian colonnade and an incredible domed rooftop.

Pantomime (n) :- Communication via gestures.

Pantoscope (n) :- An extremely wide-calculated photographic focal point.

Papacy (n) :- The official top of the roman catholic church.

Papyrus (n) :- The composing paper of the old Egyptians, and later of the romans.

Paradox (n) :- A concise story established on genuine scenes or occasions as a rule with a good.

Paragon (n) :- A model of greatness.

Parallel (v) :- To cause to compare or lie similar way and equidistant in all parts.

Parallelism (n) :- Fundamental similarity.

Paralysis (n) :- Loss of the intensity of contractility in the willful or automatic muscles.

Paralyze (v) :- To deny of the ability to act.

Paramount (adj) :- Preeminent in power.

Paramour (n) :- One who is unlawfully and indecently a sweetheart or a courtesan.

Paraphernalia (n) :- Random articles of gear or enhancement.

Paraphrase (v) :- Change words keeping the meaning same, translate.


Quackery (n) :- Deception

Quadrate (v) :- To separate into quarters.

Quadruple (v) :- Fourfold, to increase by four.

Qualification (n) :- An imperative for a work, position, right, or benefit.

Qualify (v) :- To enrich or outfit with essential capacity, character, information, ability, or assets.

Qualm (n) :- An attack of queasiness.

Quandary (n) :- A bewildering issue.

Quantity (n) :- Size.

Quarantine (n) :- The upheld disconnection of any individual or spot tainted with infectious illness.

Quarrelsome (adj) :- Irritable, contentious.

Quarter (n) :- One of four equivalent parts into which anything is or might be isolated.

Quarterly (adj) :- Happening or made at timespans months.

Quartet (n) :- A creation for four voices or four instruments.

Quarto (n) :- An eight-page paper of any size.

Quay (n) :- A wharf or counterfeit landing-place on the shore of a harbor or anticipating into it.

Querulous (adj) :- Routinely grumbling.

Query (v) :- To make request.

Queue (n) :- A document of people holding up arranged by their appearance, with respect to induction.

Quibble (n) :- An absolutely insignificant qualification or complaint.

Quiescence (n) :- Calm.

Quiescent (adj) :- Being in a condition of rest or inaction.

Quiet (adj) :- Making no commotion.

Quietus (n) :- A quieting, stifling, or finishing.

Quintessence (n) :- The most fundamental piece of anything.

Quintet (n) :- Melodic creation organized five voices or instruments.

Quite (adv) :- Completely.

Quixotic (adj) :- Gallant or sentimental to an absurd or lavish degree.


Rabid (adj) :- Influenced with rabies or hydrophobia.

Racy (adj) :- Energizing or elating to the brain.

Radiance (n) :- Splendid or shining radiance.

Radiate (v) :- To reach out every which way, as from a source or core interest.

Radical (n) :- One who holds outrageous perspectives or supporter’s extraordinary measures.

Radix (n) :- That from or on which something is created.

Raillery (n) :- Amiable parody.

Ramify (v) :- To isolate or partition into branches or developments.

Ramose (adj) :- Branch-like.

Rampant (adj) :- Developing, climbing, or running without check or restriction.

Rampart (n) :- A defense or development to contradict attack or antagonistic passage.

Rancor (n) :- Perniciousness.

Rankle (v) :- To deliver disturbance or rotting.

Rapacious (adj) :- Arranged to seize by savagery or by unlawful or eager strategies.

Rapid (adj) :- Having incredible speed.

Rapine (n) :- The demonstration of seizing and stealing away property by prevalent power, as in war.

Rapt (adj) :- Riveted, enchanted.

Raptorial (adj) :- Seizing and eating up living prey.

Ration (v) :- To furnish with a fixed remittance or bit, particularly of food.

Rationalism (n) :- The arrangement of feelings by depending upon reason alone, autonomously of power.

Raucous (adj) :- Cruel.

Ravage (v) :- To ruin by loot, rapine, eating up, or other ruinous techniques.

Ravenous (adj) :- Angrily ravenous or hungry.

Ravine (n) :- A gorge, a profound chasm or empty, particularly one worn by a stream or stream of water.

Reaction (n) :- Propensity towards a previous, or inverse situation, as after change, transformation, or expansion.

Reactionary (adj) :- Relating to, of the idea of, causing, or preferring response.

Readily (adv) :- Without protest or hesitance.

Readjust (v) :- To take care of after disarrangement.

Ready (adj) :- In a condition of readiness for some random reason or event.

Realism (n) :- Authenticity, the rule and practice of portraying people and scenes as they are accepted truly to exist.

Rearrange (v) :- To orchestrate again or in an alternate request.

Reassure (v) :- To give new certainty.

Rebellious (adj) :- Rebellious.

Rebuff (n) :- An authoritative or surprising dismissal of advances or approaches.

Rebuild (v) :- To construct again or once more.

Rebut (v) :- To contradict by contention or an adequate answer.

Recant (v) :- To pull back officially one’s faith (in something recently accepted or kept up).

Recapitulate (v) :- Summarize, to rehash the chief purposes of.

Recapture (v) :- Recover, to catch once more.

Recede (v) :- Retreat, to move back or away.

Receivable (adj) :- Fit for being or fit to be gotten – frequently cash.

Receptive (adj) :- Having the limit, quality, or capacity of getting, as certainties or impressions.

Recessive (adj) :- Tending to return.

Recidivist (n) :- An affirmed criminal.

Reciprocal (adj) :- Commonly compatible or convertible.

Reciprocate (v) :- Respond, to give and take commonly.

Reciprocity (n) :- Equivalent shared rights and advantages conceded and appreciated.

Recitation (n) :- The demonstration of recounting or rehashing, particularly out in the open and from memory.

Reck (v) :- To have a consideration or thought for.

Reckless (adj) :- Stupidly headless of peril.

Reclaim (v) :- To request or to acquire the return or rebuilding of.

Recline (v) :- To cause to expect an inclining or supine demeanor or position.

Recluse (n) :- One who lives in retirement or confinement.

Reclusory (n) :- A withdrawal.

Recognizance (n) :- An affirmation went into under the watchful eye of a court with condition to do some specific demonstration.

Recognize (v) :- To review the character of (someone or something).

Recoil (v) :- To begin back as with apprehension, hating, or fear.

Recollect (v) :- To review the information on.

Reconcilable (adj) :- Fit for being balanced or blended.

Reconnoiter (v) :- To make a starter assessment of for military, reviewing, or topographical purposes.

Reconsider (v) :- To survey with care, particularly with a view to an inversion of past activity.

Reconstruct (v) :- To build again.


Sacrifice (v) :- To make a contribution to divinity, particularly by introducing on a raised area.

Sacrificial (adj) :- Offering or offered as an expiation for transgression.

Sacrilege (n) :- The demonstration of disregarding or befouling anything consecrated.

Sacrilegious (adj) :- Offensive, irreverent.

Safeguard (v) :- Defend, to secure.

Sagacious (adj) :- Ready to observe and recognize with savvy observation.

Salacious (adj) :- Having solid sexual wants.

Salience (n) :- The state of standing apart particularly.

Salient (adj) :- Standing apart conspicuously.

Saline (adj) :- Establishing or comprising of salt.

Salutary (adj) :- Useful.

Salutation (n) :- Any type of welcome, hailing, or welcome, regardless of whether by word or act.

Salutatory (n) :- The initial discourse at the beginning in American schools.

Salvage (n) :- Any demonstration of sparing property.

Salvo (n) :- A salute given by shooting all the firearms, as at the memorial service of an official.

Sanctimonious (adj) :- Making a conspicuous showcase or dishonest affectation of sacredness or devotion.

Sanction (v) :- Endorse, to affirm legitimately.

Sanctity (n) :- Sacredness.

Sanguinary (adj) :- Ridiculous.

Sanguine (adj) :- Optimistic, having the shade of blood.

Sanguineous (adj) :- Comprising of blood.

Sapid (adj) :- Influencing the feeling of taste.

Sapience (n) :- Profound astuteness or information.

Sapient (adj) :- Having astuteness.

Sapiential (adj) :- Having insight.

Saponaceous (adj) :- Having the nature or nature of cleanser.

Sarcasm (n) :- Cutting and harsh language.

Sarcophagus (n) :- A stone casket or a chest-like burial place.


Tableau (n) :- A scene, a course of action of lifeless figures speaking to a scene from reality.

Tacit (adj) :- Understands something, perceived.

Taciturn (adj) :- Reluctant to discussion.

Tack (n) :- A little sharp-pointed nail.

Tact (n) :- Fine or prepared mental acumen appeared in saying or doing the correct thing.

Tactician (n) :- One who coordinates undertakings with aptitude and astuteness.

Tactics (n) :- Any moving or able administration for affecting an item.

Tangency (n) :- The condition of contacting.

Tangent (adj) :- Contacting.

Tangible (adj) :- Substantial, discernible by contact.

Tannery (n) :- A spot where cowhide is tanned.

Tantalize (v) :- Tempt, to prod.

Tantamount (adj) :- Having equivalent or equal worth, impact, or import.

Tapestry (n) :- A texture to which an example is applied with a needle, intended for decorative hangings.

Tarnish (v) :- To decrease or crush the shine of in any capacity.

Taut (adj) :- Extended tight.

Taxation (n) :- A duty, by government, of a fixed commitment.

Taxidermy (n) :- The craftsmanship or cycle of safeguarding dead creatures or parts of them.

Technic (adj) :- Specialized.

Technicality (n) :- Something unconventional to a specific workmanship, exchange, or something like that.

Technique (n) :- Way of execution.

Technography (n) :- The logical portrayal or investigation of human expressions and ventures in their noteworthy turn of events.

Technology (n) :- The information identifying with businesses and fabricates.

Teem (v) :- To be full to flooding.

Telepathy (n) :- Thought-transaction.

Telephony (n) :- The craftsmanship or cycle of imparting by phone.

Telescope (v) :- To drive together so one slides into the another like the segments of a covert agent glass.

Telltale (adj) :- That gives cautioning or data.

Temerity (n) :- Audacity, carelessness.

Temporal (adj) :- Relating to or worried about the issues of the current life.

Temporary (adj) :- Going on for a brief timeframe as it were.

Temporize (v) :- To seek after a strategy of postponement.

Tempt (v) :- To offer to (someone) an instigation to foul up.

Tempter (n) :- A seducer, an allurer or enticer to evil.

Tenacious (adj) :- Determined, immovable.

Tenant (n) :- An inhabitant.


Ubiquitous (adj) :- Omnipresent, being available all over the place.

Ulterior (adj) :- Not all that appropriate as another thing to the issue talked about.

Ultimate (adj) :- Past which there isn’t anything else.

Ultimatum (n) :- A final proposal, a last explanation or proposition, as concerning terms or conditions.

Ultramundane (adj) :- Relating to extraordinary things or to another life.

Ultramontane (adj) :- Past the mountains, particularly past the alps (that is, on their italian side).

Umbrage (n) :- A feeling of injury.

Unaccountable (adj) :- Untouchable, mystifying.

Unaffected (adj) :- Genuine.

Unanimous (adj) :- Having similar perspectives or slants.

Unanimity (n) :- The state or nature of being of one psyche.

Unavoidable (adj) :- Inescapable.

Unbearable (adj) :- Unendurable, agonizing.

Unbecoming (adj) :- Unacceptable to the wearer, spot, or environmental factors.

Unbelief (n) :- Uncertainty.

Unbiased (adj) :- Fair, as judgment.

Unbridled (adj) :- Being without limitation.

Uncommon (adj) :- Exceptional, uncommon.

Unconscionable (adj) :- Incredibly or treacherously extreme.

Unconscious (adj) :- Not insightful of articles, activities, and so on

Unction (n) :- The specialty of blessing likewise with oil.

Unctuous (adj) :- Sleek.

Undeceive (v) :- To liberated from misleading, as by informing of the genuine situation.

Undercharge (v) :- To make a lacking charge for.

Underexposed (adj) :- Inadequately uncovered for legitimate or full turn of events, as negatives in photography.

Undergarment (n) :- A piece of clothing to be worn under the conventional external articles of clothing.

Underman (v) :- To furnish with not exactly the full supplement of men.

Undersell (v) :- To sell at a lower cost than.

Undersized (adj) :- Of not exactly the standard size.

Underhanded (adj) :- Covertly continued.

Underlie (v) :- To be the ground or backing of.

Underling (n) :- A subordinate.

Undermine (v) :- To undermine in an underhand manner.

Underrate (v) :- To underestimate.

Understate (v) :- To neglect to put firmly enough, as a case.

Undervalue (v) :- To belittle.

Underworld (n) :- criminal gangs.

Underwrite (v) :- To issue or be involved with the issue of an approach of protection.

Undue (adj) :- More than adequate.

Undulate (v) :- To move like a wave or in waves.

Undulous (adj) :- Looking like waves.

Unfavorable (adj) :- Unfavorable.


Vacate (v) :- To leave.

Vaccinate (v) :- Inoculate, to immunize with immunization infection or infection of cowpox.

Vacillate (v) :- Sway, to falter.

Vacuous (adj) :- Void.

Vacuum (n) :- A space altogether without issue.

Vagabond (n) :- A drifter.

Vagrant (n) :- An inactive drifter.

Vainglory (n) :- Exorbitant, vainglorious, and expressive vanity.

Vale (n) :- Level or swamp between slopes.

Valediction (n) :- A saying goodbye.

Valedictorian (n) :- Understudy who conveys a location at graduating activities of an instructive foundation.

Valedictory (n) :- A splitting location.

Valid (adj) :- Substantial, established on truth.

Valorous (adj) :- Fearless.

Vapid (adj) :- Having lost shimmering quality and flavor.

Vaporizer (n) :- An atomizer.

Variable (adj) :- Tending to change.

Variance (n) :- Fluctuation, change.

Variant (n) :- A thing that contrasts from another in structure just, being the equivalent basically or substance.

Variation (n) :- Adjustment.

Variegate (v) :- To check with various shades or tones.

Vassal (n) :- A slave or bondman.

Vaudeville (n) :- A theatrical presentation.

Vegetal (adj) :- Of or relating to plants.

Vegetarian (n) :- Vegan, one who has confidence in the hypothesis that man’s food should be only vegetable.

Vegetate (v) :- To live in a tedious, detached path without exercise of the intellectual capacities.

Vegetation (n) :- Vegetation in the total.

Vegetative (adj) :- Relating to the cycle of vegetation.

Vehement (adj) :- Energetic, eager or earnest.

Velocity (n) :- Speed, quick movement.

Velvety (adj) :- Smooth, set apart by daintiness and delicate quality.

Venal (adj) :- Hired soldier, degenerate.

Vendible (adj) :- Attractive.

Vendition (n) :- The demonstration of selling.

Vendor (n) :- A dealer.

Veneer (n) :- Façade, outside show or style.

Venerable (adj) :- Justifying or ordering high regard.

Venerate (v) :- To value respectfully.

Venereal (adj) :- Relating to or continuing from sex.

Venial (adj) :- That might be exonerated or pardoned, an excusable sin.

Venison (n) :- The tissue of deer.

Venom (n) :- Poison.


Waif (n) :- A destitute, ignored vagabond.

Waistcoat (n) :- Petticoat.

Waive (v) :- Postpone, to give up, particularly briefly, as a privilege or guarantee.

Wampum (n) :- Dabs hung on strings, in the past utilized among the american indians as cash.

Wxane (v) :- To decrease in size and brilliancy.

Wantonness (n) :- Foolishness.

Warlike (adj) :- Pugnacious.

Wavelet (n) :- A wave.

Weak-kneed (adj) :- Without fearless reason or energy.

Weal (n) :- Prosperity.

Wean (v) :- To move (the youthful) from reliance on mother’s milk to another type of sustenance.

Wearisome (adj) :- Exhausting.

Wee (adj) :- Small.

Well-bred (adj) :- Of good family line.

Well-doer (n) :- An entertainer of good and social obligations.

Well-to-do (adj) :- Wealthy, in prosperous conditions.

Whereabouts (n) :- The spot in or close to which someone or something is.

Whereupon (adv) :- After which.

Wherever (adv) :- In or at whatever place.

Wherewith (n) :- The fundamental methods or assets.

Whet (v) :- To make more sharp or enthusiastic.

Whimsical (adj) :- Impulsive.

Whine (v) :- Cry, to absolute with griping tone.

Wholly (adv) :- Totally.

Wield (v) :- To utilize, control, or oversee, as a weapon, or instrument, particularly with full order.

Wile (n) :- A demonstration or a method for tricky duplicity.

Winsome (adj) :- Appealing.

Wintry (adj) :- Cold, snowy, lacking warmth of way.

Wiry (adj) :- Slender, however intense and strong.

Witchcraft (n) :- Black magic, divination.

Witless (adj) :- Absurd, tactless, or senseless.

Witling (n) :- An individual who has small understanding.

Witticism (n) :- A clever, splendid, or unique saying or supposition.

Wittingly (adv) :- With information and by plan.

Wizen (v) :- Shrivel, to become or cause to get wilted or dry.

Wizen-faced (adj) :- Having a wilted face.

Working-man (n) :- One who gains his bread by difficult work.

Workmanlike (adj) :- Like or befitting a gifted worker.

Workmanship (n) :- The craftsmanship or ability of a worker.

Wrangle (v) :- To keep up by loud contention or question.

Wreak (v) :- To incur, as a vengeance or discipline.

Wrest (v) :- To pull or power away by or as by brutal winding or wringing.

Wretchedness (n) :- Outrageous hopelessness or misery.

Writhe (v) :- To curve the body, face, or appendages or as in torment or trouble.

Writing (n) :- The demonstration or craft of following or engraving on a surface letters or ideographs.

Wry (adj) :- Straying from that which is legitimate or right.


Xanthan       a polysaccharide.

Xanthate      a substance compound.

Xanthene     a substance compound.

Xanthine      a biochemical compound.

Xanthoma    a yellow fix on the skin.

Xebec          a cruising transport.

Xeme           a fork-followed gull.

Xenia           gifts to a visitor or visitors.

Xenial           relating to cordiality.

Xenophobia adj: a dread of outsiders or outsiders.


Yearling (n) :- A youthful creature past its first year and not yet two years of age.

Year (n) :- A timeframe equivalent to a year

Yellow (n) :- Having the shading like that of gold or the sun

Yesterday (n) :- The day preceding today

Yet (ad) :- Still, (eventually) before now.

Young (ad) :- In the early long stretches of life; not old.


Zealot (n) :- One who upholds a reason or seeks after an article in a radically sectarian way.

Zeitgeist (n) :- The scholarly and good inclinations that portray any age or age.

Zenith (n) :- Pinnacle, the finishing purpose of success, impact, or enormity.

Zephyr (n) :- Any delicate, delicate breeze.

Zodiac (n) :- A nonexistent belt surrounding the sky inside which are the bigger planets

Zero (n) :- – the number importance none or nothing

Zoo (n) :- – a spot where creatures are saved for general society to take a gander at and study.

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