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Form Filling - Practice 7

Questions 1-10

Listen to the telephone conversation and complete the form.


Job description: 1

Location: 2 Road

Pay: 3 per hour

Interview date: 4

Qualities: a 5 and ability to 6

Extra pay: on 7

Transport provided free if working: 8 bus

stop next to the: 9

Interview with Mrs.: 10



1. answering the phone

2. Hillsdonne

3. £4.45

4. 22nd October

5. clear voice

6. think quickly

7. national holidays

8. after 11 p.m.

9. library

10. Manuja


Employer: Hello. Knight’s restaurant. Can I help you?
Job Seeker: Yes, I’m calling about your ad in the jobs section of the newspaper – the Evening Post
Employer: Yes, we are looking for several people to fill positions. Which one are you interested in?
Job Seeker. The job involving answering the telephone (Q1) at the restaurant.
Employer: Oh, right. That’s good. Everyone else has been interested in working as waitstaff.
Job Seeker: Good for me! Where is your restaurant by the way?
Employer. Our restaurant is on Hillsdonne (Q2) Road. Do you know it?
Job Seeker. I’m afraid I don’t. How do you spell the name of the road?
Employer: H-I-L-L-S-D-O-N-N-E.
Job Seeker. Thanks. Is it a full-time position or a part-time one?
Employer. Initially, we’re looking for someone part-time and we pay £4.45 (Q3) per hour.
Job Seeker. That’s fine. I’m available for interview tomorrow, if that suits you.
Employer: Tomorrow? The 22nd October (Q4)? OK. Let me tell you a little more about the job first. We’re looking for someone who has a clear voice (Q5) and is able to think quickly (Q6).
Job Seeker. I think I fulfill those requirements. 

Employer: You certainly fulfill the first. We’re expecting, or rather hoping for, a lot of calls, so we need someone who can arrange reservations efficiently and suggest slightly earlier or later time if necessary.
Job Seeker. I see.
Employer. We also need someone who can work weekends and evenings, obviously. We don’t pay extra for that, but we do pay extra for employees who work national holidays (Q7).
Job Seeker: That’s fine. Can I ask how much extra?
Employer. 50%. Actually, that’s a legal requirement rather than our policy.
Job Seeker. Working on those days makes no difference to me. I heard that some restaurants provide transport for employees?
Employer. Yes. We have decided to provide transport for employees to get home at night if they are working after 11 p.m. (Q8).
Job Seeker. That’s useful.
Employer: Otherwise, there’s a bus stop opposite our restaurant. It’s next to the library (Q9). The buses are regular and operate during the day and in the evenings.
Job Seeker. Oh, I think I know where your restaurant is now. You must be near David’s Bakery
Employer. That’s right. He’s next door but one.
Job Seeker: OK. What time could we meet tomorrow?
Employer: How about 10 in the morning?
Job Seeker. That’s great. Is there anything I should bring with me?
Employer. A copy of your CV, and if you have any references, that would be great. My name is Mrs. Manuja (Q10), M-A-N-U-J-A.

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