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Form Filling - Practice 8

Questions 1-10

Complete the form below.


Student number:            1

Name: Peter                    2

Rent: from                       3 to


Depending on:                 areas




Properties available:       Lakeside Road

                                             rent 6
                                             a month

                                             North Woods Road

                                              rent 460 pounds
                                              a month

Bills included:                    7

                                              (Lakeside Road)

                                              telephone rental
                                               (North Woods Road)

Viewing arrangements:    meet at office on

                                               at 10 a.m.

Need:                                    student card



Must:                                    give 10
                                               notice of moving in

                                               give deposit of half month’s rent

                                               pay for contract



1. 0345814

2. Gilmore

3. 350 pounds

4. 600 pounds

5. garden

6. 415 pounds

7. water bill

8. Thursday

9. a letter

10. a week’s


A: Hello, Accommodation Office.
B: Oh, hello. Is that University Accommodation Office?
A: Yes, that’s right. How can I help you?
B: Oh, I’m calling to … I’d like to rent a house, and I hope you can help me.
A: No problem. May I have your student number, please?
B: 0345814 (Q1).

A: And your name?
B: Peter Gilmore (Q2). G-I-L-M-O-R-E, Gilmore.
A: Yes, Mr. Gilmore. What sort of thing were you looking for?
B: Three-bedroomed house with a garden.
A: Well … Mr. Gilmore, I’m afraid there’s a little problem. As you know, our clients are mainly university students, so most of the cases we’ve dealt with are bed-sit or single bedroom
B: Well …
A: Don’t worry. I will try my best to help you. Let me check… Oh, you’re lucky. We do have several houses as you described, but they’re mainly in … in the south suburbs.
B: Oh well … I don’t think that’s a problem. I can do with that.
A: Right … yes. What sort of price were you thinking of?
B: Well … could you give me some idea?
A: Certainly. It really ranges from 350 pounds (Q3) to … Well, it depends.
B: Only 350 pounds?
A: Yes, to bout 600 pounds (Q4) depending on the areas, decorations, furniture, and things like that.
B: And the garden?
A: Yes, the garden (Q5). That obviously pushes up the price.
B: Right … well, as I said, we’d want a garden. I think about 450 pounds a month would be our limit.
A: OK. Well … would you like to have a look at a couple of properties, sir?
B: Yes, that’d be great.
A: Looking at our files … I think there are three that might suit you.
B: Hang on. I’ll just get a pen. Right.
A: OK. Well, we’ve got one on Lakeside Road which is 415 pounds (Q6) per month.
B: Right.
A: And the second house is in North Woods Road.
B: Right. And how much is that one?
A: That’s 460 pounds.
B: Are the bills included?
A: Well, the first one includes the water bill (Q7), and the second includes the telephone rental. 

B: Um, that’s not too bad then. So …
A: So, when would you be available to see them?
B: Well, I have an exam on campus this week on Wednesday. After that, Wednesday afternoon, is that OK?
A: I’m sorry we don’t have any availability for Wednesday. How about Thursday (Q8) morning?
B: OK. That’s fine. Would 10:00 be OK?
A: Yes, fine. Ten a.m. it is. Just come to the Accommodation Office.
B: OK. Oh, by the way, need I bring anything … say … my passport with me?
A: Yes, you should show us your student card and your passport.
B: No problem.
A: And the most important thing, a letter (Q9) from your bank.
B: Yes, that’s OK.
A: Great, and once you decided to take the house, we would need you to give a week’s (Q10) notice of moving in.
B: Right … a week’s notice. And do you require a deposit?
A: Yes, we do. That’s one month’s rent.
B: OK. One month. Is that all?
A: No, sorry, one more … you have to pay for the contract.
B: Oh yes, I’ve forgotten about that. How much is that?
A: Half month’s rent.
B: OK. Then, thank you for your help. See you then.
A: Goodbye. 


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