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Form Filling - Practice 6

Questions 1-10

Listen to the telephone conversation and complete the form.


Customer’s name: 1 Jones

Address: 2 , 21 Coventry Road, Sheldon, 3

Phone number: 4

Number of photographs per film: 5

Subject of photographs: 6

Branch: 7

Date: 8

Receipt number: 9

Refund: 10



1. Sophia

2. Red House

3. Birmingham

4. 793225

5. 36

6. wedding

7. New Street

8. 20th April

9. T596Z

10. five films/5 films 


C.S.E.: Customer Service Employee
C.S.E.: Good morning. How may I help you?
Customer. Good morning. I’m afraid I have to make a complaint about the service I received at one of your branches.
C.S.E.: Right. I’m sorry to hear that. Could I take a few details from you first of all?
Customer. Of course.
C.S.E.: First, I’ll need your name.
Customer. Sophia (Q1) Jones.
C.S.E.: Is that spelt S-O-P-H-I-A?
Customer: Yes, it is.
C.S.E.: And your address?
Customer. It’s Red House (Q2), 21 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham (Q3).
C.S.E: And can I just take down your phone number?
Customer. 793225 (Q4).
C.S.E: Thank you. Now, could you tell me about your problem?
Customer. Yes. I took three films to be developed at one of your branches and they got lost. When I went to collect the films, they said that I had made a mistake. I showed them my receipt, but that made no difference.
C.S.E.: I see. Did the films have 24 photographs per film?
Customer: No, 36 (Q5). And the photographs were of a wedding (QC), so you can understand why I’m particularly concerned.
C.S.E.: Of course. I’d like to get a few more details from you and then I can try to trace the films. First of all, which branch did you take them to?
Customer New Street (Q7).
C.S.E.: Do you remember the date?
Customer. I don’t but I have the receipt here.
C.S.E.: That’s great. The date will be on there.
Customer. 20h April (Q8).
C.S.E.: Could you give me the receipt number as well? That should make it easier to trace your films.
Customer: I can’t see it. Oh, here it is. T596Z (Q9).¬†

C.S.E.: Thank you. What I’m going to do is this. First, I’ll get in touch with the branch and ask them to search for the missing films. If necessary, I’ll ask other branches to check as well.
Customer. Thank you very much.
C.S.E.: I’ll also try to find out why the branch didn’t assist you with finding your films. Finally, by way of apology, I’ll send you five films (Q10) from us for free.
Customer: That’s very kind of you, but I really hope that you can find the original films for me.
C.S.E.: If we don’t, you will receive a refund on any money you have paid, of course.

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