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Form Filling - Practice 5

Questions 1-10

Surname: 1

Date of birth: 2

Subject: 3

Time at university: 4

Preferred accommodation type: 5

Hobbies: 6

Eating habits: 7

Preferred housemates: 8

Preferred location: 9

Other accommodation requirements: 10



1. Bhatt

2. 31st March 1972

3. nursing

4. two years /2 years

5. bedsit

6. theatre

7. no red meat

8. mature students

9. out of town

10. shared social area 


S.: Student
A.0.: Accommodation Officer

S.: Good morning. I’m here about finding some accommodation.
A.O.: Well, you’re in the right place. Come on in and take a seat. Have you already registered with us?
S.: No, I haven’t. I’ve never needed your services before.
A.O.: OK. I’ll just ask you some questions and fill in this form on the computer. First, I’ll need your name.
S.: It’s Jatinder Bhatt (Q1). B-H-A-double T.
A.O.: Thanks. And your date of birth?
S.: 315 March 1972 (Q2).
A.O.: What are you studying?
S.: I’m studying nursing (Q3). I’ve been here for two years (Q4) already and I’ll be starting my third year in September.
A.O.: What kind of accommodation is it you are looking for?
S.: Well, I’ve lived in university accommodation since I arrived, but the university policy is that now I must find my own. I thought a bedsit (Q5) of some kind might be suitable.
A.O.: We’ve got plenty of suitable bedsits available. I’d like to ask you about some of your personal interests and preferences. We like to put together students who have similar hobbies and so on. 

S.: I see. Well, I’m a big fan of going to the theatre (Q6). Aside from that and my studies, I don’t have any particular interests.
A.O.: Do you have any particular dietary habits? Many students who live together often like to cook together, you see.
S: Yes. Because of my religious beliefs, I don’t eat red meat (Q7). I’m fine with chicken and fish though
A.O.: And dairy products?
S.: I can eat and drink those.
A.O.: Now, what kind of students do you want to live with? Many students like to live with people who they are studying with. It helps with doing assignments. Others prefer to live with people doing other courses so that they don’t end up talking about studies all the time when they are at home.
S: I really don’t mind what they are studying, but I would like to be with people who are mature students (Q8), like myself.
A.O: Yes, of course. It’s my experience that students over 24 often have that preference. Let’s talk about the location of the accommodation. Most people like to be fairly close to the university campus.
S.: Actually, I’m fed up of being in town. I’d like somewhere out of town (Q9), if possible.
A.O.: That won’t be a problem at all. I know of several good properties that fit that requirement and you’ll be pleased to hear that they are cheaper too.
S: Yes. I thought they might be. Actually, I’m from a village originally and I’m getting fed up of the noise.
A.O.: I understand. I’m from a village myself. I’ll be sure to check that there is a good bus link from the accommodation to the university campus.
S.: Thank you very much.
A.O.: Right. We’re almost done. Do you have any other preferences or requirements?
S: Let me think
A.O.: If you think of any later, you can e-mail me or drop in and tell me,
S.: Actually, there is one thing. I’d prefer it if the accommodation had a shared social area (Q10),
A.O.: Oh, that won’t be a problem. Almost all the properties have that. I’ll write it down anyway.
S.: Thank you very much.
A.O.: Right. I’ll just print out the form and give you a copy to check. 

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