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Form Filling - Practice 4

Student Discount Card Application Form

Questions 1-4

Complete the form below.

Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Name                            Drazan Horvatic

Subject                          1

Institution                    Newtown University

Address:  Street-         2
                  Town-          Newtown
                  Postcode-    3

Date of birth                 4 1984

Nationality                    Croatian 



1. Physics

2. 43a Webster

3. NT9 3EC

4. 30th June / June 30


Student (male): Good afternoon. I’d like to get a discount card for visiting museums in the area.
Woman: Certainly. They cost $10 and are valid for one year.
Student: I heard there’s a discount for students.

Woman: Yes, there is. If you have a valid student ID card, they cost $5.
Student: There you are.
Woman: Thank you. I’ll just make a note of your name. Drazan Horvatic. And you’re studying at Newtown University. What course are you studying?
Student: Physics (Q1).
Woman: Can I take a note of your address here in Newtown, please?
Student: Of course. It’s 43a Webster Street (Q2).
Woman: W-E-B-S-T-E-R. Do you know the postcode?
Student: NT9 3EC (Q3).
Woman: Thank you. And your date of birth? Oh, wait a minute – it’s here on your student ID card. 30th June (Q4) 1984. What nationality are you?
Student: I’m from Croatia.
Woman: Oh, really? A friend of mine went there on holiday last year. She said that the coast was beautiful.
Student: Yes, it is. The tourist industry is developing very quickly in my country. It brings in a lot of much-needed foreign currency. The only problem is that property prices are rising fast too, since many foreigners are buying holiday homes there.
Woman: Yes. I can see that would be a problem for the local people. Oh, I forgot to ask do you want this card just for your own use or do you want another person to be able to use it too?
Student: I’m not sure I understand.
Woman: Well, you can give us the name of another person and then that person can use the discount card too. However, that person has to be a relative.
Student: Oh, I see! Is there an additional charge for that?
Woman: Not at the moment. It’s a special offer.
Student: Well, my sister is going to visit later this year and she likes going to museums, So…
Woman: OK. Let’s put her name down. Just remember that whoever uses the card has to show some form of identification when they use it. You can use your student card and your sister could use her passport or something.
Student: OK
Woman: I just need your sister’s name and date of birth. I’ll put her address down as the same as yours.

Student: Right. Her name is Nada and her date of birth is 296h February 1988.
Woman: Really? How unusual!
Student: Yes, she’s kind of special. Oh, by the way, do you have a list of places where I can use this card?
Woman: Yes, here you are. You can see that it can be used at a total of 18 local attractions and also at 6 museums in London, so be sure to take it with you if you go there on a visit. As you can see, the discounts for local attractions vary from 30% to 50%. The discounts for the places in London are only 10%.
Student: OK. Thank you very much.
Woman: Right. Just give me a few minutes to make your card.

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