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Form Filling - Practice 3

Police Report

Questions 1-9

Complete the form below.


Surname:                                 (1)

Address:                                   (2)

City:                                           (3)

Passport No:                            (4)  

Time Lost:               Between (5)
                                   and (6)

Bus No:                                     (7)

Where else reported?:           (8)              

What else is missing?            (9)



1. McMurphy

2. 202-C

3. Gleavendale

4. RF33136744

5. 8.15

6. 8.30

7. 808

8. Greyhound Bus Company

9. Contracts


Policeman 1: Can I help you, Miss?
Ann: Yes, I hope you can. I left my purse on the bus this morning with my passport in it.
Policeman 1: Okay, let me get some more details down here and I’ll see if we can help. What’s your full name?
Ann: Ann Marie McMurphy (Q1). That’s capital M-C and another capital M-U-R-P-H-Y.
Policeman 1: And your street address?
Ann: 202-C Glendale Road, Gleavendale (Q2&3).
Policeman 1: How do you spell Gleavendale?
Ann: G-L-E-A-V-E-N-D-A-L-E.
Policeman 1: And you say you lost your passport. Do you have a photocopy of it, or do you know your number?
Ann: Yes, I have a photocopy. Here it is. My number is RF33136744 (Q4).
Policeman I: And about what time did you leave your purse on the bus?
Ann: I caught the 7:45 bus, but I got off between 8:15 and 8:30 (Q5&6). I have to be at work by 8:30 every morning, and my head was already in the office thinking of things I would have to do when I just got off and forgot my purse!
Policeman 1: Okay. Well, it happens to all of us at least once. Do you remember the number of the bus you were on?
Ann: Yes, it was the 808 (Q7). Usually I take the 804, but today I was coming from a friend’s house and it was more convenient to ride the 808.
Policeman 1: Thanks. Have you called the Greyhound Bus Company yet to report this? (Q8)
Ann: Yes, I did that right away. But they also said I should fill out a Police Report with you in case someone turned it in with the police.
Policeman 1: Yep, that’s the smart thing to do. Was there anything else of value in the purse?
Ann: Nothing other than the contracts I was working on for work (Q9). But it would be nice to get those back as well.
Policeman 1: No money?
Ann: No, I keep that in my pocket.
Policeman 2: Hey, Joe. Did I hear you taking info on a lost purse?
Policeman 1: Yeah. Why do you ask?
Policeman 2: Well, you won’t believe this, but someone just turned in a lost purse with a passport in it that was left on the 808 bus this morning.
Policeman 1: Well, Ann, it looks like you’re in luck today!


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