General Reading Test 3 part 5

Questions 28-35
The given text has seven sections, A-G.
Which section mentions the following?
Write the correct letter, A-G, in boxes 28-35 on your answer sheet.
NB You may use any letter more than once.

28 why it was easy to recruit workers to build the bridge

29 a change in the design of the bridge

30 opposition to building the bridge

31 why a bridge was desirable

32 problems with raising funding for the bridge

33 permission being given to build the bridge

34 which records the bridge broke

35 the idea that building a bridge might be impossible

Questions 36-40
Complete the sentences below
Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the text for each answer.
Write your answers in boxes 36-40 on your answer sheet.
36. Building the bridge required a issued by the Secretary of War.
37. One objection to building the bridge was that another would destroy it.
38. Construction was delayed when the framework was damaged by a ship and again by a .
39. The last part of the bridge to be constructed was the .
40. The bridge was first used by in May 1937.

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