general reading 2 part 3

Questions 15-20

Complete the flow-chart below.

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the text for each answer.

Procedure for border crossing

1. Before setting off

To speed up the border crossing, use PAPS.

For this, send your 15 details and current vehicle inspection documents.

Before arriving at the border

Check that documents such as 16 and birth certificate/passport are ready for inspection.

Make sure the 17  are on inside the vehicle.

Check that the 18 in the vehicle can be easily seen.

At the border (Primary Inspection)

This may be the only stop if paperwork is in order.

Non US/Canadian citizens must have a visa, and go to the 19 area to complete an I-94 card (there is a small 20 for this) and to receive verbal clearance.

At the border (Secondary Inspection)

If there is a problem with paperwork, you will be sent to Truck Inspection. 

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