Academic Reading Test 5 Part 2

Choose the correct letter A, B, C or D.
Write the correct letter in boxes 14-18 on your answer sheet.

14. In the passage, which of these is not stated as a result of censorship?

15. Which of the following may not be used to impose restriction or prohibition?

16. Why is the 'filtering' of all internet content at ISP level being recommended?

17. Legally banned material will always be available to those who are

18. 'A blanket ban on accessibility via the internet' implies

Look at the following list of items 19-21 and the List of items A-D.
Match each meaning 19-21 with the correct words A, B, C or D from the passage.
Write the correct Letter: A, B, C or D, in boxes 19-21 on your answer sheet.

A Totalitarians
B Libertarians
C Critics
D Citizens

19. Those who make judgements about the good and bad qualities of something

20. Those who live in a particular country or state and have rights and responsibilities there

21. Those who believe that people should be free to do and think what they want to

Complete the summary below.
Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.
Write your answers in boxes 22-26 on your answer sheet.

The writer calls censorship a [22] and thinks the phrase [23] is merely to make compulsory censorship appear less threatening. According to him, there is a vast difference between [24]. He recommends increasing resources for the country's [25] so that they control the production of illegal content rather than giving the government [26] to decide for us what is appropriate on the internet for viewing.

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