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IELTS Listening Test 6



Questions 1-10
Complete the table below.
Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Class Things to bring Fees /Timetable Tutor
‘Movement and light’: painting in the style of French impressionists a set of 1 is essential

The cost is 2 $ for two terms Monday evenings 6-8 p.m., Room 15

A local artist called Steve 3
‘Clay Basics’: using the pottery wheel to make several 4 an old 5 would be a good idea

The cost is $180 per term Every 6 6:30-8:30

Theresa Clark – her work is displayed in the community centre

‘Sketching Architecture’: drawing old buildings, starting with the 7

people usually take a fold-up chair and a 8 The cost is $160 per term Fridays 11-1 p.m. meet at the corner of Victoria Street and 9 Road Annie Li Annie’s cell phone number: 10



Questions 11-12
Choose TWO letters, A-E.
Which TWO things will employees need to do during their first week in their new office space?

Questions 13-14
Choose TWO letters, A-E.
Which TWO steps have the company taken to improve the physical environmental of employee’s offices?

Questions 15-20
Label the plan below.
Write the correct letter, A-I, next to Questions 15-20.

15 Conference center
16 New office space
17 Stores
18 Finance
19 Café
20 IT Department


Questions 21-26
Complete the flow-chart below.
Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-I, next to Questions 21-26.

Prior to 1900s: Physical weakness is thought to be caused by 21
Early 1900s: research shows a link between 22 and sickness
1930s: governments become concerned about the popularity of 23
1940s: 24 convince housewives to buy vitamin supplements
1950s: 25 make vitamin supplements more accessible to consumers
1960s to present day: vitamin supplement sales continue to rise because of 26

Questions 27-30
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C
27 Sam believes that more Australians are taking vitamin supplements because they

28 Lucy is concerned that the US vitamin supplements industry is not required to

29 When discussing the Danish experiment, Lucy and Sam conclude that vitamin supplements

30 Lucy and Sam agree that stricter regulation of the vitamin supplement industry


Questions 31-36
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

21st Century Insect Extinction

-: The reasons why insect populations are declining :-
• In Europe, important plants are no longer found in fields or 31
• In the Amazon rainforest, 32 might be the cause of butterfly and beetle loss.
• Globally, pesticides are affecting the spatial skills and 33 of bees.
-: The consequences of declining insect populations :-
• Insects are an essential part of the 34 in all places apart from Antarctica.
• Crop production will fall dramatically.
• Researchers can’t discover any new 35 based on plants.
-: The possible ways to prevent insect extinction :-
• Governments must restrict the sale of pesticides.
• People must reduce their consumption of 36

Questions 37-40
Complete the sentences below.
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.
37 Sand from the Antioch Dunes was used to make for houses in the early 1900s.
38 The metalmark butterfly requires one type of Antioch Dunes plant for its
39 In recent years has led to the loss of wildlife in the Antioch Dunes.
40 The Antioch Dunes project shows how does not always require much land.


1 brushes

2 285 / two hundred and eighty-five

3 Ramdhanie

4 bowls

5 shirt

6 Thursday

7 library

8 sandwich

9 Station

10 021 785 6361

11/12 A/E (in any order)

13/14 A/C (in any order)

15 I

16 B

17 F

18 C

19 E

20 D

21 G

22 E

23 H

24 I

25 D

26 B

27 A

28 C

29 B

30 C

31 gardens

32 climate change

33 memory

34 food chain

35 medicine

36 meat

37 bricks

38 eggs

39 fire

40 conservation

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I think B is the correct answer for 27. Isn’t it?




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