General Reading Test 4 part 2

Questions 8-14
Read the leaflet about food poisoning on the side page.
Complete the sentences below.
Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the text for each answer.
Write your answers in boxes 8-14 on your answer sheet.

8 Different germs and chemicals produce different .
9 Food might be even when it appears to be fine.
10 All contains germs, but particular care must be taken with meat and poultry.
11 It is preferable to frozen meat and poultry rather than cook it directly.
12 The food of should not come into contact with the food you eat.
13 Hiring is the best option if you want to provide food for a large number of people.
14 If you are suffering from food poisoning, clean your living space more rigorously. The of the washing machine is advisable for any clothes or bedding affected.

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