Cambridge General Reading 17 Test 2

Questions 1—5

Look at the five descriptions of rental property agencies, A—E.

For which agency are the following statements true?

Write the correct letter, A—E, in boxes 1—5 on your answer sheet.

1 The agency expects customers to provide letters of recommendation.

2 The agency provides certain information on properties held by its competitors.

3 The agency began business in its present location.

4 Employees have specific roles at the agency.

5 The agency carefully chooses the property owners that it works with.

Questions 6—14

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text ?

In boxes 6—14 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

6 It is illegal to cycle after sunset without bike lights.

7 Front and rear lights can be attached to the rider.

8 Atorch worn on a cyclist's head must be white.

9 There are some legal restrictions on flashing lights.

10 Reflectors are most commonly available in packs of four.

11 Reflective heel strips are allowed instead of pedal reflectors.

12 The law concerning the design of pedals is unsatisfactory.

13 Cycling during the daytime is safer than cycling at night.

14 It is against the law to cycle in daytime fog without lights.

Questions 15—20

Complete the notes below.

Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the text for each answer:

Write your answers in boxes 15—20 on your answer sheet.


Desk size should facilitate

  •  the flexible arrangement of computer items
  •  the easy use of a holder for documents
  •  change in the user's 15


Employers should

  •  move, soundproof, or separate noisy equipment using 16
  •  reduce glare from nearby 17 e.g., using adjustable blinds
  •  provide suitable lighting
  •  ensure a comfortable temperature
  • check 18 from equipment
  • check air flow and quality in working area

Tasks and breaks

Employees should have

  •  a variety of tasks to choose from
  •  a fair workload
  •  An input into task achievement and 19
  •  regular, short breaks, at times of their own 20
  •  breaks not located at their workstation

Questions 21 —27

Complete the sentences below.

Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the text for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 21—27 on your answer sheet.

Safe ladder use

21 Employers should keep a of ladder safety inspections.

22 Employers should check the of a ladder is suitable for the job.

23 The and joints of the ladder need particularly close inspection.

24 Make sure the of the ladder are resting on a clean, hard surface.

25 Protect the ladder from vehicles by using .

26 Use a to keep people away from the ladder.

27 Keep the ladder in place using ties, rather than .

Questions 28—32

The text has seven sections, A-G.

Which section mentions the following?

Write the correct letter, A—G, in boxes 28—32 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any letter more than once.

28 a suggestion that Fosbury should change his way of jumping

29 a reference to an opportunity offered to Fosbury that made him feel honoured

30 a reference to the fact that Fosbury was a very influential high jumper

31 conflicting explanations given by Fosbury for the way the idea for the Fosbury Flop began

32 a reference to a time when Fosbury was dissatisfied with his athletic performance

Questions 33-36

Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D.

Write the correct letter in boxes 33—36 on your answer sheet.

33 When interviewed about his development of the Fosbury Flop, Dick Fosbury

34 Fosbury achieved a sudden improvement in the height he could jump when he

35 When describing the way that Fosbury's jump evolved, Richard Hotter stressed that.

36 Fosbury defended his idea that his style of jumping was ‘natural' by pointing out that

Questions 37-40

Complete the summary below.

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the text for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 37—40 on your answer sheet.

How the Fosbury Flop got its name

When first interviewed, Fosbury called his jumping style a 37 but he realised that this had not made an impression on the 38 . In his next interview, he used a name taken from the description given to a newspaper photo — and this was the name that everyone noted. He says the name was appropriate because his town is near a 39 and a 40 does a similar type of ‘flopping' movement when brought to land.

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