Academic reading test 1 PART 2

PART 2 Questions 13-25

Questions 13-15

Reading Passage 2 has six sections, A-F.

Choose the most suitable headings for sections B-C and E. from the list of headings below.

Write the appropriate number, i-vii, in boxes 13-15 on your answer sheet.

NB There are more headings than paragraphs so you will not use them all.

List of Headings

i Massive heads, carved out of rock

ii Present day demographics

iii The island's archaeological importance

iv Massacre and destruction by the Polynesians

v Geographic profile

vi How to carve a 27-ton statue

vii 18th century inhabitants

13 Paragraph B

14 Paragraph C

15 Paragraph E

Questions 16—21

Do the following statements agree with the views of the writer in Reading Passage 2?

In boxes 16-21 on your answer sheet, write

YES     if the statement agrees with the views of the writer

NO     if the statement contradicts the views of the writer

NOT GIVEN     if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this

16 Easter Island is a significant source of artefacts.

17 The settlement of Easter Island took place about 18 centuries ago.

18 A few archaeologists believe that the Polynesians destroyed many of the megaliths.

19 Disease and raids by slave traders decimated the island's population.

20 Evidence confirms that the island’s first inhabitants came from South America.

21 Not much is known about the makers of the megaliths and the wooden tablets.

Questions 22—25

Choose the appropriate letter A—D and write them in boxes 22-25 on your answer sheet.

22 The primary source of fresh water on Easter Island comes from,

23 The ancestors of the present-day Polynesian population

24 The brimmed crowns found on the island

25 The giant stone burial platforms

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