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General Reading Test 6

Part 1

Questions 1-14
Read the information below and answer Questions 1-7

Water-wise rebates
This government scheme encourages homeowners to use water more wisely. You can now receive generous rebates if you buy any of these water-saving products for your home.

Water-efficient showerhead
Everyone takes showers, but some showerheads are much better at regulating the flow of water, and this can build up considerable water savings. If you purchase a low-flow showerhead with a rating of 3 stars or more, you can claim up to $30.

Dual-flush toilet
Dual-flush toilets enable you to make considerable savings in water use. If you replace your current single flush system with a dual-flush toilet suite with a star rating of 3 stars or more, you are eligible for a rebate of $150.

Water-efficient garden goods
Certain types of mulch or soil improver products help to improve the water retention qualities of your soil and this reduces the amount of watering that you need to do on hot, dry summer days. If you buy water efficient garden goods, you are eligible for a rebate of up to $200.

Rainwater tanks
Rainwater tanks help you to build up a secondary store of water for your garden, or even for your home in an emergency. If you buy and fit a plumbed-in rainwater tank (connected to your house) of a minimum of 3000 litres capacity you are eligible for rebates of between $200 and $1000.

For full terms and conditions and how to apply – phone 1800 888 900.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER from the text for each answer.

1 Who is offering the water-wise rebates?

2 What are water-wise shower heads better at controlling?

3 How much cash can you receive for having a dual-flush suite fitted?

4 With what aspect of water efficiency do some kinds of garden goods help the soil?

5 What type of rainwater tank is eligible for a rebate?

6 What is the minimum capacity of a water tank needed to claim the rebate?

7 If you phone the number given you will receive details of how to make a claim, a complete explanation of what is being offered, and what else?

The City Film Festival – presents a wonderful feast of movie magic!

A. A comedy in which a policeman, desperate to impress his inspector of police, helps a thief to steal a police car, and then chases the thief in the London rush hour using only his bicycle.

B. A slightly dark movie. A lonely university professor slowly goes crazy because he can’t get the robot in his laboratory to talk, only to sing! Murder is in the air…..but who is the victim?

C. If you like Indian style music you’ll like this new film set in India with plenty of beautiful colour and local atmosphere. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, but there are always problems….this time it’s his wish to help a poor servant girl.

D. Plenty of fun in this movie about students who persuade their unusual professor to become the singer in their pop group, only to find that he loses his voice just before their big, live concert.

E. A non-stop action film about an escaped prisoner who has to catch the real criminal before the police recapture the prisoner and put him back in prison for life.

F. An Indian girl in Paris falls in love with her piano teacher but then finds out that he is very sick. They write a piano concerto together, and a miracle becomes possible.

G. In this film about family life, twins who were so happy together as children, start to hate each other as adults. But why?

H. A sad movie about a loving family that moves to start a new life in Canada, but can’t seem to be happy there because each member of the family sees the new life so differently.

This quiz is no longer available.

Part 2

Read the information below and answer Questions 15-20

Grangers Store – Employment application form

Position: Customer service

Applicant information
Name: Rosa Cabrera
Address: 1/16 Digby Street, Huntsdown, HU2 3DW
Phone: 0730 2145 9835
Age (if under 21): 20
Referral? Central Internet Employment Service

Educational background
High School
School name/address: Coughton High School, East Street, Grandville GR2 5TN
Did you graduate? Yes
Qualification: Year 11 Certificate

School name/address: Broughton College of Vocational Education, City Street, Garburgh
Did you graduate? Not yet
Qualification: Diploma in Retail Service Skills, partly completed

Applicant availability
What days and hours are you available for work? Monday to Wednesday (09:00-18:00)
How many hours per week can you work? 25
If hired, would you have transportation? Yes, I have a car

Please answer these questions
Why are you applying to work here?
I use your store and am always impressed by the quality of service.
What has been your greatest accomplishment?
I won a regional swimming championship while at school.
Why do customers shop at this store?
Because it offers quality products at an affordable price, with high service standards.
What is customer service?
It means using a range of interpersonal skills to provide customers with reliable and truthful information, make them feel valued and offer any after-sales support.
A customer complains that the coffee tastes terrible, what would you do?
I would ask the customer to explain why, listen, then apologise and ask if the customer would like another cup of coffee, or an alternative beverage.
What would you do if your replacement didn’t arrive after your shift finished?
I would check with my supervisor and work late until a replacement could be found.
A co-worker is rude to customers, what would you do?
I would talk to my co-worker and find out if something is troubling her at work or in their home life. If not, I would suggest that they ask about additional training in customer service.

Questions 15-20
Complete each sentence. Use ONE WORD from the text for each answer.

15 Rosa has only finished her customer service qualification.

16 Rosa’s weekly for work is limited to 3 days and 25 hours.

17 Her greatest non-work achievement was to win a competition.

18 Supporting customers and being truthful are examples of Rosa’s view of the meaning of customer .

19 If a customer complains about the coffee but doesn’t want another one, offering an drink is a good option.

20 If a co-worker is not being effective Rosa thinks it might be due to something going wrong at or in the workplace.

Environmental Awareness Centre
Staff Induction Policy
Induction is the process of introducing a new employee to their new job and workplace. A good induction process is beneficial both to the new employee and the organisation. It helps new employees understand expectations, identify training needs, and assimilate into the new work environment. It boosts confidence and enables employees to work effectively.

Stages of Induction
Before starting work
Induction begins when the new employee has been offered and has accepted the post. A start date is then agreed upon. Before starting their job the new employee should be told the following: The time and place to arrive on their first day. Transport arrangements such as public transport, parking facilities etc. Who will meet them. Who their line manager will be.

Understanding the work environment
The new employee needs information about practical issues such as:
Where they will be working
Company building(s)
Lunch and coffee breaks
Time recording procedure
Introduction to line manager and colleagues
During the first week, the new employee should be introduced to the phone and computer systems, email, alarms, opening up and closing procedures. All new employees undertake specific training in health and safety, and equal opportunities.

Job Instruction
This stage involves induction into the requirements of the new role. The job description is explored with the line manager, work tasks prioritized and targets set. Any immediate training needs will be identified. Meetings will be arranged for the new employee to meet key staff.

The Organisation
Induction involves providing information about the organisational structure, its aims, and objectives. Responsibility for designing the induction lies with the line manager. An induction should be employee-centered, flexible, and interesting, with employee input to the plan. The line manager and new employee should meet on a regular basis during induction to assess how they are settling in, to evaluate progress, and identify any required actions.

It is important to evaluate the induction process to inform the induction plans for future employees. This should include both the employee and relevant staff.

Questions 21-27
Do the following statements agree with the information in the text? In boxes 21-27 on your answer sheet, write,

if the statement agrees with the information
FALSE if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

21 Induction helps employees to fit into and accept their new workplace.

22 Before the new person starts, the company should tell them how to get to and from work.

23 Most new workers need to be given general training in health and safety issues.

24 New workers will discuss their job in detail with a senior person above them.

25 The new employee will meet security personnel.

26 New workers should have a chance to help with induction design.

27 Assessing the usefulness of induction should involve staff connected to the new.

Part 3

Questions 28-40

Gender differences in human attraction

Section A
‘Boy meets girl’ is an age-old ritual in the human species, but scientists have for many years been trying to uncover the basis of human attraction. In simple terms, what is it that draws a man or woman to be attracted to someone of the opposite sex?

Section B
One of the most basic elements of attraction is the degree of symmetry that is perceived in the other person. Scientists have been scanning faces and bodies into computers for many years to determine symmetry ratios. Both men and women tend to rate symmetrical members of the opposite sex as more attractive and in better health than their less symmetrical counterparts. It has also been found that men with higher degrees of symmetry tend to have more partners than men of lower symmetry. Women, however, are more complex in terms of partner choice; besides symmetry, the behaviour of a potential partner who is competing for their attention is important for them.

Section C
There are gender differences in other aspects of attraction as well. Men tend to be more interested in women who are youthful and physically attractive, even if what men find physically attractive varies from culture to culture. For example, some cultures value female fatness when courting women. Studies of the socioecological factors that determine attitudes toward fatness in women suggest that important factors include food security, type of climate, the degree of value placed on female work, and the relative social dominance of women. Countries like the USA have become obsessed with a slim physique. Women have come to associate curvaceousness with incompetence. More classically “feminine” bodied women may have been considered less professional than men; consequently, those women now exhibit eating disorders. In other words, these eating disorders are not simply instances of psychopathology in women, but rather a manifestation of a societal bias against women. This bias has decreased enough to encourage women to strive in education and different professions, but has not decreased enough to eliminate the supposed association between femininity and incompetence.

Section D
Several factors seem to underpin the thin standard of bodily attractiveness for women in countries like the USA. The first is that women wishing to appear professional and intelligent believe they must be thin due to society’s demands. Also, women who feel that their fathers do not consider them to be intelligent seem to have a tendency to want a slimmer body than those women who do not carry such feelings of parental disapproval. The derivation of most eating disorders is this slim body ideal. It seems that women change their ideals (towards being thinner) before men change their ideal of a woman’s shape, and it further appears that the women’s changes are greater in magnitude. This implies that women may determine the standard. This slim standard is associated with occupational success; however, it is not consistent with men’s preferences. Relative to men, women are more cognitively and behaviourally invested in their appearance. This is a natural result due to the high importance men place on physical attractiveness of their mate. If women start to focus as much as men do on the physical features of their mates, then men may also become subject to this preoccupation with body and appearance. The recent increase in the number and sales of male cosmetic products may be an early hint that this is already happening.

Section E
Men’s ideal for their own physique tends to be ‘bigger equals better’. There is evidence to show that more men want to gain weight rather than lose weight. The use of steroids and excessive weight lifting can accomplish this goal of a larger body. Women, however, tend to find men of average size to be the most attractive. Women seem to prefer men with moderately broad shoulders who are of medium height and have a chest slightly larger than average, but not as large and powerful as a traditional body builder’s chest.

Section F
Facial features that portray dominance are commonly thought of as being more attractive to women. These features include thick eyebrows, small eyes, thin lips and a square jaw. But, contrary to the “dominance” features, research seems to suggest that women are in fact most attracted by an optimal combination of ‘neoteneous’, mature, and expressive facial features, in addition to grooming attributes. Neoteneous features include large eyes, a small nose and full lips. A mature face is defined as having prominent cheek bones and a large chin.

Section G
It is evident that a clear gender gap exists with respect to physical attractiveness preferences. Women desire average size men, while wanting a smaller, thinner physique for themselves. Men, on the other hand, want larger than average bodies for themselves and prefer their female mates to be a bit larger than women would actually like to be. With these differences in preferences, it is no wonder that finding one’s ideal mate can be so difficult!

Questions 28-34
The passage has 7 sections A-G. Which section mentions the following? Write the correct letter, A-G, in boxes 28-34 on your answer sheet.

28 Both women and men are attracted by the evenness of body and facial features.

29 The relationship between being liked by a parent and the desire for an attractive body.

30 Different cultures produce significantly different social perceptions of body shape.

31 Women and men have differing views of a male’s ideal size.

32 Attitudes to a woman’s size and weight can be linked to the weather.

33 Typical beliefs about female preferences in male faces are not supported by evidence.

34 Women and men apparently want different features in themselves from those that are most desired by the opposite sex.

Questions 35-40
Do the following statements reflect the opinion of the writer? In the boxes, 35-40 on your answer sheet, write,

YES if the statement reflects the opinion of the writer
NO if the statement contradicts the opinion of the writer
NOT GIVEN if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this

35 Women are interested in what men do as well as in balanced facial and body features.

36 There is universal agreement about male perceptions of female attractiveness.

37 Women who aren’t thin are less intelligent than men who are overweight.

38 It’s possible that men may become as concerned with their bodies as women appear to be.

39 Women prefer a man’s face to show maturity rather than dominance.

40 Stated perceptions of physical attraction show the clear influence of a generation gap.


(Q.1 to Q.10)

1. (the) government

2. flow/flow of water/water flow

3. $150 / 150

4. water retention/water retention qualities

5. plumbed-in (tank) / connected (tank)

6. 3000 litres / liters

7. (the) conditions

8. iv

9. vi

10. vii

(Q.11 to Q.20)

11. viii

12. v

13. i

14. ii

15. partly

16. availability

17. swimming

18. service

19. alternative

20. home

(Q.21 to Q.30)

21. True

22. True

23. False

24. True

25. Not Given

26. False

27. True

28. B

29. D

30. C

(Q.31 to Q.40)

31. E

32. C

33. F

34. G

35. Yes

36. No

37. Not Given

38. Yes

39. Yes

40. Not Given

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Firstly, thank you for all helping. I assume I don’t have enough resources for General IELTS reading; although you used to have more general resources available, now there aren’t enough tests available for the general category. Only four books!

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