Cambridge 19 IELTS Listening Test 4


PART 1 Questions 1-1 0

Questions 1-6

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

First day at work

Name of supervisor: 1

Where to leave coat and bag: use 2 in staffroom

See Tiffany in HR: to give 3 number

to collect 4

Location of HR office: on 5 floor

Supervisor’s mobile number: 6

Questions 7-10

Complete the table below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.



Task 1

Task 2


Bakery section

Check sell-by dates

Change price labels

Use 7 labels

Sushi takeaway


Re-stock with 8 boxes if needed

Wipe preparation area and clean the sink

Do not clean any knives

Meat and fish


Clean the serving area, including the weighing scales

Collect 9 for the fish from the cold-room

Must wear special 10

PART 2 Questions 11-20

Choose TWO letters, A—E.

Which TWO problems with some training programmes for new runners does Liz mention?

Questions 13 and 14

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO tips does Liz recommend for new runners?

Questions 15-18

What reason prevented each of the following members of the Compton Park Runners Club from joining until recently?

Write the correct letter, A, B, or C next to Questions 15-18.


A a lack of confidence

B a dislike of running

C a lack of time

Club members

15 Ceri

16 James

17 Leo

18 Mark

Questions 19 and 20

Choose the correct letter; A, B or C.

19 What does Liz say about running her first marathon?

20 Liz says new runners should sign up for a race

PART 3 Questions 21-30

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21 Kieran thinks the packing advice given by Jane’s grandfather is

22 How does Jane feel about the books her grandfather has given her?

23 Jane and Kieran agree that hardback books should be

24 While talking about taking a book from a shelf, Jane

25 What do Jane and Kieran suggest about new books?

Questions 26-30

Where does Jane’s grandfather keep each of the following types of books in his shop?

Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter, A—G, next to Questions 26-30.

Location of books

A near the entrance

B in the attic

C at the back of the shop

D on a high shelf

E near the stairs

F in a specially designed space

G within the cafe

26 rare books

27 children’s books

28 unwanted books

29 requested books

30 coursebooks

PART 4 Questions 31-40

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Tree planting

Reforestation projects should:

  • include a range of tree species
  • not include invasive species because of possible 31 with native species
  • aim to capture carbon, protect the environment and provide sustainable sources of 32 for local peoplle
  • use tree seeds with a high genetic diversity to increase resistance to 33 and climate change
  • plant trees on previously forested land which is in a bad condition, not select land which is being used for 34

Large-scale reforestation projects

  • Base planning decisions on information from accurate 35 .
  • Drones are useful for identifying areas in Brazil which are endangered by keeping 36 and illegal logging.

Lampang Province, Northern Thailand

  • A forest was restored in an area damaged by mining.
  • A variety of native fig trees were planted, which are important for
  • — supporting many wildlife species
  • — increasing the 37 of recovery by attracting animals and birds, e.g., 38 were soon attracted to the area.

Involving local communities

  • Destruction of mangrove forests in Madagascar made it difficult for people to make a living from 39 .
  • The mangrove reforestation project:
  • — provided employment for local people
  • — restored a healthy ecosystem
  • — protects against the higher risk of 40 .


1 Kaeden

2 locker(s)

3 passport

4 uniform

5 third / 3rd

6 0412665903

7 yellow

8 plastic

9 ice

10 gloves

11 C

12 E

13 A

14 D

15 A

16 B

17 C

18 A

19 C

20 B

21 A

22 C

23 A

24 B

25 C

26 D

27 F

28 A

29 C

30 G

31 competition

32 food

33 disease

34 agriculture

35 maps

36 cattle

37 speed

38 monkeys

39 fishing

40 flooding



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