Cambridge 19 IELTS General Reading Test 1

SECTION 1 : Passage 1 : Questions 1–7
Read the text below and answer Questions 1–7.

Gobridge Tramlink – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the tram service in Gobridge town:

When do the trams run?
Gobridge Tramlink operates a network of trams that run throughout the year and provide links to main services, stations, and the airport. Timetables are reviewed in October and March, and may alter slightly so check before you travel. Our first tram from the city centre leaves from Marvin Square at 6.30 am, half an hour after the first city bus service.

Can I get a tram from the airport?
Trams from the airport to the city center start running at 6.15 am and leave every fifteen minutes until 7.30 pm when the evening schedule takes over. Trams then run to the main railway station at 35-minute intervals and end at 11.35 pm. If your flight arrives later than this, the number 207 airport bus runs every hour through the night.

What do I do if I don’t have a ticket?
Tickets are not sold by anyone on the tram. Ticket vending machines are located at all tram shelters. Check your route and make sure you buy the correct price ticket. If the vending machine does not work, you should push the red button on the machine and speak into the microphone. A member of staff will either fix the machine straight away or contact the tram inspector onboard your tram. He or she cannot sell you a ticket, but you will not be obliged to pay the £8 on-board fine for not having one.

Can I take my bike on the tram?
Each tram is licensed to carry a maximum of two bicycles, though drivers may refuse to allow cyclists to get on if the tram is crowded. Bicycles may only be taken on the trams during off-peak travel periods: up to 7.30 am, between 10 am and 2.30 pm, and after 7 pm. Festivals and other large events may also mean that bicycles are prohibited as trams carry extra passengers at these times. Once on board, riders should remain with their bicycles throughout the journey and ensure they do not obstruct the entrance, exit, or any other area of public access.

SECTION 1 : Passage 2 : Questions 8–14

Read the text below and answer Questions 8–14.

Adorable Knitwear: Online Customer Reviews

A. Mary-Anne:
I spent a while thinking about buying this sweater because of the price, but I’m glad I finally did. It’s a long sweater but that’s good as I’m quite tall. I normally find that the sleeves are too short when I try on a top, but not with this one. I tend to take medium but went for large, which was a wise decision as there is plenty of room for a T-shirt underneath when I wear it with jeans.

B. Davina:
These sweaters are an ideal weight for office wear. The purple one is pretty, though I expected a lighter shade from the picture. I wear a US size 12 / UK 16, and the medium is big enough to fit over a shirt with room to spare. It has long sleeves that I love to roll up at the wrist. I’m now trying to resist the temptation to buy it in grey too.

C. Naga:
This knitted sweater looks great in the pictures. I ordered the olive green with stripes and, although I wasn’t sure it was going to look right on me, I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on. It’s very soft and I love the long past-the-wrist sleeves too. I opted for the medium, but it was too tight so I exchanged it.

D. Libby:
This is the third of your sweaters that I’ve bought over the past two years. It’s true to size and perfect for the winter months, though I should add that its loose knit means it’s best to avoid playing with cats or young dogs when you’re wearing it as they could pull threads in the body or sleeves.

E. Laura:
I couldn’t decide which colour to get so I bought the deep blue and the charcoal grey, with every intention of sending one of them back. That didn’t happen, of course! I would say both colours match the online pictures. I bought size small, and the length is perfect for me, despite the unnecessarily long sleeves! These sweaters are lovely to wear with jeans but also stylish enough to wear to work.



Section 1 : Passage 1

Questions 1–7
Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?
In boxes 1–7 on your answer sheet, write

if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

1 The city buses start operating later than the trams.

2 You can get a tram from the airport to the city centre up to midnight.

3 The 207 bus service stops at the main railway station.

4 The cost of a tram ticket varies depending on your journey.

5 Bicycles are allowed on the trams between 7.30 am and 10 am.

6 Additional trams run during the Gobridge festival period.

7 Cyclists may be asked to leave the tram if they block the exit.

Section 1 : Passage 2

Questions 8 –14

Look at the five online customer reviews of sweaters, A–E.

For which review are the following statements true?
Write the correct letter, A–E, in boxes 8 –14 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any letter more than once.

8 The colour of the sweater did not match the website image.

9 The customer took some time to decide on the purchase.

10 The customer initially bought the wrong size.

11 The customer changed her mind about returning a sweater.

12 The customer bought a bigger size than she usually does.

13 The sweater can be worn for smart or casual occasions.

14 The customer was worried that the sweater wouldn’t suit her.



3 NG
8 B
9 A
10 C

11 E
12 A 
13 E
14 C



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question one has to be true, since it starts operation through out the night every one hour before the trans resumed operation

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The 1. answer has to be FALSE ?

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