Cambridge 14 IELTS Listening Test 1

Section 1 : Questions 1-10

Complete the form below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


Type of crime: theft

Personal information


Name: Louise _Taylor_

Nationality: 1.

Date of birth: 14 December 1977

Occupation: interior designer

Reason for visit: business (to buy antique 2. )

Length of stay: two months

Current address: 3. Apartments (No 15)

Details of theft

Items stolen: – a wallet containing approximately 4. £

                         – a 5.

Date of theft: 6.

Possible time and place of theft

Location: outside the 7.  at about 4 pm

Details of suspect: – some boys asked for the 8.  then ran off

                                    – one had a T-shirt with a picture of a tiger

                                    – he was about 12, slim build with 9.  hair

The crime reference number allocated : 10.

Section 2 : Questions 11-20

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO pieces of advice for the first week of an apprenticeship does the manager give?

Questions 13 and 14

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO things does the manager say mentors can help with?

Questions 15-20

What does the manager say about each of the following aspects of the company policy for apprentices?

Write the correct letter, AB or C, next to Questions 15-20.

A     It is encouraged.

B     There are some restrictions.

C     It is against the rules.

Company policy for apprentices

15. Using the internet

16. Flexible working

17. Booking holidays

18. Working overtime

19. Wearing trainers

20. Bringing food to work

Section 3 : Questions 21- 30

Choose the correct letter, AB or C.

Cities built by the sea

21. Carla and Rob were surprised to learn that coastal cities

22. According to Rob, building coastal cities near to rivers

23. What mistake was made when building water drainage channels in Miami in the 1950s?

24. What do Rob and Carla think that the authorities in Miami should do immediately?

25. What do they agree should be the priority for international action?

Questions 26-30

What decision do the students make about each of the following parts of their presentation?

Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-G, next to


A     use visuals

B     keep it short

C     involve other students

D     check the information is accurate

E     provide a handout

F     focus on one example

G     do online research

Parts of the presentation

26.   Historical background

27.   Geographical factors

28.   Past mistakes

29.   Future risks

30.   International implications

Section 4 : 31-40

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Marine renewable energy (ocean energy)


More energy required because of growth in population and 31.

What’s needed:

– renewable energy sources

– methods that won’t create pollution

Wave energy

– Advantage: waves provide a 32.  source of renewable energy

Electricity can be generated using offshore or onshore systems

Onshore systems may use a reservoir


– waves can move in any 33.

– movement of sand, etc. on the 34.  of the ocean may be affected

Tidal energy

Tides are more 35.  than waves

Planned tidal lagoon in Wales:

– will be created in a 36.  at Swansea

– breakwater (dam) containing 16 turbines

– rising tide forces water through turbines, generating electricity

– stored water is released through 37. , driving the turbines in the reverse direction


– not dependent on weather

– no 38.  is required to make it work

– likely to create a number of 39.


– may ham fish and birds, e.g. by affecting 40.  and building up silt


1. Canadian

2. furniture

3. Park

4. 250 (sterling)

5. phone

6. 10(th) September

7. museum

8. time

9. blond(e)

10. 8795482361

11&12. A, C

13&14. B, E

15. B

16. B

17. C

18. A

19. A

20. A

21. B

22. A

23. C

24. B

25. A

26. B

27. A

28. F

29. G

30. C

31. industry

32. constant

33. direction

34. floor

35. predictable

36. bay

37. gates

38. fuel

39. jobs

40. migration

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37/40 if you are up to 90 then you are in my level, because of your age

34 out of 40… 7.5 (Q 20 should b C, 35 then)

answer for the question 20 is C actually. Got 38 out of 40

27 should be E Hand out?

Shouldn’t 20 be C?



would you please share the transcripts of each section?

it’s hard 🙁

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